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  • Nothing boring everything gona nice. gov order for 126 mmrca, pratibha patil gone, Namo On, all good. just working and concentrating on the same for better performance. Have you yet seen the 'Rawdy Rathod' if not just go for it for the fun.......i seen it very nice movie next i show 'shangai' totally vest of mind, time and money. want to see man in black. but as my town is small one where right now i stay so i cannot see the same.
    well then no prob, but I confused Smart ***. what does mean of ***......ha....ha....ha
    our all army weapons are like junk yard for tanks except Arjun and T-90 none is better, we have less 155mm guns, no radar guided anti aircraft tops, and even 97% of helicops are outdated. R V ready to do war. If China, Pak attack today then definetely we shall have to face serious trouble. might be our tech for the missiles are better but why we do not understand "Quantity with Quality" so we can fight good....................... well God's know kya hoga.
    R u crazy, Sharad pawar is not that much costly. he is so cheap. well nice to get reply. Jai Hind.
    "Contract Killer" would you kill sharad pawar i will give u Sopari......... with pan.
    If you have posted in a deleted thread.. they wont show up..also if a post is deleted.. it wont show up.
    Though i was not member of this Forum earlier, but i have been frequent visitor of this Forum since 2009 end.

    Any way.......... Lets get easy. cheers.
    You obviously have not been here for much time to see my views. So just chill rather than getting hyper.
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