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  • nice to see a different albeit a refreshing view!! as you had claimed, the whole of South Asia was under foriegn boot, not because of their power, but because of our divisiveness. But pls do cut down on anti hindu rhetoric! :) Otherwise your posts make a lot of sense and yeah, a harsh dose of truth.. I presume, you read the indian Independance history, to have come upon such a conclusion!!!

    I dont think anybody but Indians go to Indian forums. Pakistanis are not obsessed about Indians like Indians are obsessed about Pakistanis.
    Theres only indians who go to that indian forum, and the funny thing is that they discuss Pakistan with each other...dreaming about stupid scenarios. Humaray dushman hain hy gatiyan.
    Hey man, delete Joshi's link. Now you see how much indians hate us and still our simple-minded Pakistanis want friendship with these people. In that forum, theres only indians discussing Pakistan with each other...pathetic low-lives only go to that indian forum.
    No 'classified' reason as such,it was just off topic. Maybe I can send you a PM, where are you from by the way because I figured I'm talking to an Indian.
    I feel being global so reagion has no consequence. I gather as many threads as required by my own choice and my threads have all the colours known (read unknown) to reds. So to reason out the colour debate is pointless.
    These man-made theories like Communism/Marxism are haram. Communism like other man-made theories presents it's views and ideological doctrine for a new type of society. Rather than basing this new type of society on the 'human relationship' it has decided to provide mankind with a 'class system' the fundamentals of this class system is to divide 'proletariat' and 'bourgeois' class, the emotions and relations of this Communist society is hatred and envy of the upper class.

    Communist, you must understand this. I hope I reached you.
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