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May 18, 2010
    1. mjnaushad
      You are back....
    2. Horus
      welcome back !!
    3. EagleEyes
      Hello, read your thread. Kindly give me the names of all the trolls in a PM. I will review their accounts. Thanks.
    4. VelocuR
      Bro Communist,

      Just small advice for your frustrations we understood. It is better to ignore trollers and no need to reply. Just report it.

      You can use "Ignores lists" in control panel if you can. Simple!
    5. mjnaushad
    6. mjnaushad
      Its an honor.
    7. DaRk WaVe
      DaRk WaVe
      is this the largest Chinese search engine?
    8. DaRk WaVe
      DaRk WaVe
      whats this 'baidu"?
    9. lockh33d
      Thanks for all the "thanks" pal
    10. Naradmuni
      Self deleted
    11. mjnaushad
      Do tell me when it comes in english because that day it will become my default search engine too. (if its benefits china)
    12. mjnaushad
      Hi. i know you posted a thread on baidu cant find it now. So i am asking you straight. Is baidu google or its something entirely different.?? Also is it only in chinese.
    13. TaimiKhan
      Buddy, problem is i have to deal with the headache of Indian members bothering me all the time, complaining about u, your posts, derailment of threads and all the other stuff you can think of. And they come with the argument that he is a Chinese and he is let go for all the nonsense, while we get banned or things like that. So i tell them that you are not Chinese as per my/our view, as you just post from India and nothing else is known about you nor we can confirm what his nationality is.

      If you minded this, am sorry for it, but i have many other things to do also, if i don't tell them this to shut their mouths, they will keep bugging me all the time that we favor you over them.

      If you had been in my place what are you gonna do ???

      Do you think i have to deal with just your posts or threads, i have hundreds of members to look after and a personal life too.

      Just see, i have spent more then 5 mins typing a reply to you and have spend much more then these 5 mins posting to Indian members complaining about your behavior.

      So am very deeply sorry if it offended you, but it was not my intention, as it was necessary to let the Indian members know that you are not posting from China making you most probably not Chinese, see below, even after a reply to Mr. Veer, he still doubts. Such are the Indian members over here.

      Anyhow, will try to take care in future, so that no prob is faced by you, but would be better you show your true flags so that people don't have to bother me all the time and my time isn't wasted.

      Once again sorry.

    14. Veer
      Mr. Communist,

      Brother Taimikhan says you are from India. But i doubt that.

      Anyhow you should be civilised and polite in your posts.

      It is a intellectual forum for civilized debate in democracy. Democracy if you can understand little bit of it. Please try to stick to the topic and don't work overtime to derail the thread.

      We can disagree with each other but decency should be there.

      "Jamke kijiye dushmani, par itni gunjaish rahe, kal agar hum dost ban jaayen to sharminda na hon"
    15. Nemesis
      Back for good this time Mr Communist? I hope you won't get banned again. Seriously. Your posts are entertaining.
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