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    China vs. USA

    Or the countless people trying to cross the US border. In fact, I don’t see many people wanting to immigrate to China. It’s interesting that an American living in China is allowed access to YouTube while it's banned for everyone else. Proof it’s propaganda.
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    Indian Air Force 🇮🇳 Will Soon Be Acquiring The Tupolev TU-160 "Blackjack" bomber From Russia

    They can be used to launch cruise missiles from safe distances. I can see India using them in anti-ship missions.
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    Rafale jets are not enough to face Pakistani JF 17: Shahid Latif

    You make a good point! PAF should launch a surprise attack on India right now. Let's see what these JF-17s and J-10s can do against the Rafale. It would be an interesting battle. You would think illiterate masses in India have other things to worry about. Why are you concerned? Are the...
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    First US Pakistani for Congress

    Interesting how Muslim Congresspersons are all progressive Democrats with leftist views. You would think Muslims would be more at home with conservative Republicans.
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    My advice to Pakistan and Pakistanis

    Pakistani are already doing that, but what is the point if there are no opportunities for them? That's the problem. They are plenty of smart and talented Pakistanis but many are working overseas where opportunities are better. I worked with many myself. The only problem is that once they settle...
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    ‘The EU cannot defend Europe’: NATO chief

    Interesting. Ever since the end of the Cold War, the US has been pushing the EU to contribute to its defense rather than relying on the US. But they never bothered to change their ways because why bother? The Yanks will always defend us even if we call them every name in the book. They enjoyed...
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    Joe Biden: Why I’m Going to Saudi Arabia

    Compared to Trump, Biden is a complete failure in foreign affairs. He alienated the Gulf states when he needed them the most, squandering much of the goodwill created by Trump. Now he's going on a begging trip to convince the Saudis to pump more oil.
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    Theranos Trial: Pakistan-born Indian-American Tech Exec Convicted of Fraud

    Indian or Pakistani, it doesn't matter. He was a horrible person from top to bottom. He was Holmes's hatchet man. I would recommend reading the book Bad Blood.
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    UN condemns US abortion decision

    Nowhere in the US Constitution states that abortion is a right. Roe vs Wade was a SCOTUS that "interpreted" that abortion was protected by the constitution. It was a slippery slope from the start. The fear of being overturned was always there. Now, it has been overturned. All I can say about it...
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    I Was Detained on the American Border (Terrifying Experience)

    She's a foreign national who admits she doesn't prepare properly. Look what she had to get the paperwork to get insurance! Immigration and customs officers are the same everywhere, surly and demanding. Trust me when I traveled to India and Bangladesh, at times, they made my life hell. Just do...
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    Are The Arabs Finally Waking Up To The Atrocities In India!

    I don't know what Indians you are talking about (imaginary ones, I suppose), but they are not disillusioned about where India is heading. On the other hand, Pakistanis like you are not only disillusioned but delusional. Pakistan's current political and economic state does not give anybody...
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    On how to DELEE Israel

    Are you in a COVID quarantine? I think lengthy isolation makes people delusional. Or you are smoking some strong stuff. The things you mentioned have already been tried and failed. Your idea of creating public pressure on Israel is also hair-brained. No one in the West is going to support...
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    Russia Sanctions: India Profiting From Russian Oil Trade by Exporting Refined Petroleum

    I did not make the comparison, the OP did. The author said it was a double standard. My post was to explain why this is so. I would like to add that life is unfair, doubly so for international relations.
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    Russia Sanctions: India Profiting From Russian Oil Trade by Exporting Refined Petroleum

    Bangladesh and Pakistan are not on India’s level. You may not like it but it's true.
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    Top Gun: Maverick: Sequel loses Chinese investor due to pro-U.S. messaging

    Who cares what China thinks or wants. More butthurt, I guess. Proves what many think about China: stealer of IP. Thanks for the confirmation.

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