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Mar 24, 1962 (Age: 58)



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    1. ynmian
      How did you find out about this forum? It is a pleasant surprise that you are a part of this Pakistani forum. Were you a real viper driver also?
    2. John Doe
    3. Chogy
      It IS interesting... but are you aware of what happened in the later years? ;)

      The treaty was repudiated, and the U.S. went to its first foreign war against the "Barbary Pirates." The infant U.S. was born on trade, and trade was its life-blood, so anything that caused issues with it tended to cause a lot of grief.

      It was a fascinating era, those days of sail. The major warships all were powered by sail, and Algerian galleys (rowed) could travel directly into the eye of the wind, and escape any major vessel. Normally, they (the galleys) would wait until a ship was anchored, then row out and overwhelm the crew in hand to hand combat. The Algerians really worked over even the mighty British Navy with this sort of method, and in many cases, it was cheaper to pay the tax or ransom rather than put a punitive war fleet together.

      Thank you for your many interesting posts!
    4. Muhammad-Bin-Qasim
      Perhaps this would be of interest to you Sir... :)

      The first treaty between the US and the Caliphate:

      In 1783 the first US navy boat started to sail in international waters and within two years was captured by the Ottoman navy near Algeria. In 1793 12 more US navy boats were captured. In March 1794 the US Congress authorized President Washington to spend up to 700 000 gold coins to build strong steel boats that would resist the Uthmani navy. Just a year later the US signed the Barbary Treaty to resolve the Uthmani threat. Barbary, was the term for the North African wilaya's of Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli, under the rule of the Ottomans.

      The terms of the treaty were:

      The treaty will cost the US a one off payment of $992,463
      The American ships captured would be returned and the American Navy was to be given permission to sail in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
      In return, the American government would pay $642 000 in equivalent gold.
      The US would also pay an annual tax (tribute) of $12 000 in gold. The annual tribute would be calculated according to the Islamic calendar and not the Christian calendar
      $585,000 would be paid for the ransom of the captured American sailors
      A state of the art steel ship would be constructed and delivered to the Uthmani's, built in the US with all costs borne by the US in return for privileges. (The costs of masts, Yards, and heavy planks, were very costly and so difficult to procure, and then so exceedingly expensive to transport. Once delivered the US had actually paid thirty times their estimated price in the stipulations).
      The treaty was written in Turkish and signed by President Washington, This is the only American legal document to ever have been concluded in a foreign language and the only treaty the Americans have ever signed that agrees to pay annual tax to another nation. This treaty continued until the Caliphate was abolished.

      Source: http://www.pakistanintellectuals.com/news/featured-news/477-the-achievements-of-the-islamic-khilafah-
    5. mjnaushad
      Thanks..One more thing... To reply to a visitor message you have to go to the profile of that person and type reply in his visitor message OR you can click view conversation and post your comment there :)
    6. Chogy
      mjnaushad, thank you, I totally understand this, there are nut-jobs in all nations, and I have my moments too! ;)

      Mr. Gunner... I don't know enough on how drone operations work to make a good answer. My understanding is that the target need not be lased from the ground, the drone itself can do that using its own optical systems. But it must be in the correct are and time to FIND the target, and that is where good intel comes into play.
    7. mjnaushad
      Just came to say don't take few lunatic posts as all Pakistanis mentality.
    8. GUNNER
      Thank you sir. My main interest was in 'whether the drones require painting of target on the ground for effective bombing' - since collateral damage is an issue here. What are your views on this..!

      Regards ..
    9. Chogy
      Hello Gunner, thanks for the input. I added to it on the thread, hopefully with decent information.

    10. GUNNER
    11. nightcrawler
    12. SQ8
      God.. its been ten years almost to my email conversations with him as a budding 16 year old fighter jock wannabe..
      But I remember he spent some time as an eagle driver(both A's and C's) and at that time had just come off a tour in Afg flying hogs...lived in San Antonio back then..
      I just recalled his callsign since you mentioned you flew the eagle..

      He was a wealth of knowledge about the A model.. and the mudhen.. but seemed to like his "new" job back then doing CAS.. lot more action I guess.
    13. Chogy
      "Sideshow" - sounds vaguely familiar! What years are we talking about? We were a pretty small community at the time, and most guys knew each other, at least by name.
    14. SQ8
      You wouldn't happen to know a former eagle jock with the callsign "sideshow"?
    15. Chogy
      Thanks for coming by... The problem is that the conspiracy gossip always seems to center around either the U.S. or India. People DO believe in that stuff. It poisons relationships. What if "shady Pakistani forces or ISI" was always the root source of every terrorist attack around the world, according to most theories? Not a good feeling, and not easy to shake off.
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