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  • Hello - the USA remains a good place to do basic flying instruction. The costs are as low as they can be, and the number of small airports is huge.

    Honestly, I cannot think of a specific school to recommend. The best way to do it is to get online and look for reviews and experiences of those who have done the courses. I'd recommend a school in the desert Southwest, because the weather is superb, and the cost of living is low. Florida is another State with a large number of good schools, although the weather can e a bit more aggressive. That's a good thing, because a pilot needs to work with weather on a daily basis.

    Look for a school that offers room and board - that keeps it simple. The biggest thing, though, look for good reviews.

    Best of luck to your brother in a very exciting career. But be aware that the career of a professional pilot has changed for the worse in the last 20 years. It's not what it used to be. But it is still an excellent job.
    Hello Sir

    would you give me some info regarding flying club in USA?for a private pilot courses?for commercial jets.

    my brother is a flying cadet at fujairah aviation academy UAE>.bt now planning to go to USA for the remaining courses

    would it be a nice idea or nt?
    and some more suggestion will be very helpful
    Hi Chogy.

    I was just curious and wanted to know that what commercial jet did you fly, and what airline, international routes???
    @ PacificBeach - THANK you! It's good to find someone else who enjoys this sort of thing. I am purely a novice... I had some introductory courses but pursued chemistry rather than physics.

    It makes sense that the "increased" mass component in velocity/energy is a simplified way to look at it.

    Boris - I'm very sorry, I am embarrassed to say I don't really have any recommendations. I don't think I have ever really seen a book with good information in it. Books for the public are more along the "pretty airplane pictures" line rather than a book of tactics and the like. Much of that stuff is calssified and published only for consumption by Air Force people. Wish I could help.
    Hello Sir,

    Could you please give me some good refrences/books to learn about the basics of Air Warfare.

    I think it is basically it is saying that we have an relativistic expression for energy and momentum, it is just a our choice to call part of the relativistic energy expression as m' (new mass). The question I need to figure out is that Does gravitational force on a moving object change when its velocity changes?
    Also for relativity:
    Problems with variable mass
    Even though circumstances like that described at the Cambridge accelerator are conveniently described by assuming an increasing mass, that is not the only way to describe these, there are problems with the concept of variable relativistic mass. Einstein's view is described as:

    "It is not good to introduce the concept of the mass of a moving body for which no clear definition can be given. It is better to introduce no other mass concept than the 'rest mass' m. Instead of introducing M it is better to mention the expression for the momentum and energy of a body in motion"
    Upon being introduced to special relativity for the first time, it is easier to contemplate concepts like speed of light as speed limit of the universe by envisioning the mass as increasing to infinity at velocity c. However when one has become familiar with concepts of relativistic momentum and relativistic energy, there is no real need for variable mass concept"
    Hi Chogy,

    In fusion and fission reactions, the energy is released because of the net change in the binding energy of the nuclei in the reaction.

    "Nuclei are made up of protons and neutron, but the mass of a nucleus is always less than the sum of the individual masses of the protons and neutrons which constitute it. The difference is a measure of the nuclear binding energy which holds the nucleus together. This binding energy can be calculated from the Einstein relationship: Nuclear binding energy = Δmc2"


    If you like physics this is concise site for physics concepts:
    don't blame some of them. some of them are in sepah propaganda unit and they come to forums to say the same stupid words. they cannot be allowed to do differently.
    of course Iranians are happy to know this sauvetage (sorry of my bad english)
    take care
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