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  • PAF BOMBER OPERATIONS 1965 & 1971 WAR" 500
    "MY YEARS IN BLUE UNIFORM (1941-1966)" 500
    "MY GOLDEN DAYS " 500
    "FIZAYA" 1000
    How is it true? At the end the supposed surrendered soldiers are just allowed to walk off into the mountains without any escort? Its nothing but a propaganda piece, much like the torture allegations leveled at the PA over the Indian POW's during kargil.
    were u in force? pleasure chatting with you. regarding our income tax discussion. We used to get 22k/per month in 1999. :-) I am in IT.
    You gotta pay the shipping charges.It cost a lot to send anything from Pakistan to US.

    Or visit Pakistan and you can order with free shipping lol.
    Yep, this is it.The Missile actually hit the ground instead of Su-7 and when Sajjad saw the smoke he thought Su-7 is hit.
    Stuff slips through, we tend to let some images, posted by both Indian and Pakistani members through - others we do not, regardless of who posts them.

    On links to actual articles and posts though we are pretty clear cut, unless something slips through - they are not allowed.

    If you see any, please report them.
    AFAIK we aren't even supposed to link to the pictures, though Images are merely viewed, whereas links for articles actually take you to the site - and we have no intention of supporting a racist and bigoted site.

    In any case, you should be able to dig up a more credible reference than BR.

    Your link does not work on the UAV thread.

    Without the image its a pointless post in the context of the thread. See if you can come up with the image alone and ask your question. :-)
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