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    Emerging Pensioners' Association of Civil Armed Forces

    Recently a Social Welfare and mutual cooperation society has been organised and registered under the name of Civil Armed Forces Ex-servicemen Society in Pakistan. This organization is comprised of the personals of renown Irregular forces that are named Militias by public and Civil Armed Forces...
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    Sayurj School Chitral

    A school was opened on Charity base in Chitral by British volunteers in 1989 with the name Sayurj Public School to give education to the common people of Chitral at home on easy basis. Then the ex-Principal of Cadet College Razmak of 1980's Retired Major Mr. Geoffrey Douglas Langlands CMG, MBE...
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    Violation of Kashmir autonomy: Repercussions for Pakistan for not taking action against India

    Best to beat when the iron is red. The situation is ripe and it's the golden chance for Pakistan to make a move to liberate the valley now. If such a golden chance is lost and the track of international court is sought then this problem will never be solved; moreover, the grip over the valley...
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    Northern pakistanis linkage to europeans?

    are pashtuns/kalash descendants of aryans? Concern history for tha. Afghans or Pushtuns and Baluchis belong to Persian Aryan group. Yes, the people of northern region i-e Nooristan, Chitral, Gilgit, Hunza and Kohistan are more puritan Indo-Aryans with a small intermix of Turkic stolk...
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    Uniforms for Frontier Corps

    The present uniform of Frontier Corps does not suit the force at all. The last Grey Qamees Shalvar was the best uniform. Moreover, such shoes have been provided to the soldier that contains cloth stitched as a part of it. The soul of the shoe is also composed of some weaker material. Both upper...
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    Pakistan Army | News and Discussions

    Copying the NATO style, Pakistani forces have started putting on P Caps as the part of their uniform almost abandonning their former Beret Caps. Firstly, it looks very much odd with the typical Pakistani face. Secondly, it though cures face from sun upto some extent but a soldier with this cap...
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    Demand for New Provinces

    If provinces would bring prosperity to a country Afghanistan with its 29 would have been the most prosperous area of the region.
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    Reasons why people hate Altaf Hussain and MQM

    If territories are divided totally on the basis of language or breed then a nation never survives and it's land at last becomes to be divided between cousins. There are actually certain elements and motives that work against the unity of a nation. Especially in the case of Pakistan differences...
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    PM’s son marred Valima celebrations of Shoaib

    In old days rich people used to make their children stay even for a short period in palaces and forts of ruling families so that a child might learn some behaviour and manners. Because of the access of irresponsible and unable class of people in the government occurrences happen that become...
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    Prices of Assault rifles

    And the modern Pakistani one is my beloved, the G - 3.
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    Prices of Assault rifles

    POF manufactured rifles are less in the market but better and strong. Pakistani steel is a bit heavier than that of China and Russia but the rifles and pistols manufactured in POF are more efficient and strong in nature. Automatic weapons are not the items to be available in open market and the...
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    Centuries old Industry Dying

    Then show me anything better than the gun and worse than drugs.
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    Centuries old Industry Dying

    The local and traditional industry in the tribal and some settle district regions of N.W.F.P like Dir, Bajaur, Malakand, Jamrud, Bara, Darra Adamkhel and Sialkot of Pakistan is rapidly on the road of its downfall. In the current conflict of United States and Talibans Pakistan was compelled to be...
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    Prices of Assault rifles

    In tribal areas of Pakistan a Klashnikov costs 35 to 50 thousand Pakistani Rupee nowadays.
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    Demand for New Provinces

    Asif Ali Zardari and Navaz Sharif had played their part in this manner to make more disturbances in the country for fulfilling their ultimate short sighted and short termed selfish desires. It is an alarming situation and a quarrel to last longer that has been started by these ill managed...

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