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  • It is truly appalling. I left because I thought it was bad. What I have returned to is ten thousand times worse. "Billions of blue, blistering barnacles!"

    I have truly missed you, what with nincompoops like Sino Challenged ably substituting for Hong Wu. Please come back. Perhaps you can contribute to the ongoing section on Decisive Battles by pointing out the decisive battles of Central and East Asia. If you start anything strictly to do with military history, military strategy, tactics or weapons, I will be happy to join in, even on a subject that I might not know perfectly.

    As far as the quality is concerned, I have more or less got some of the recently enlisted Indian members to admit that they are not here to discuss military topics, but to quarrel with Muslims. This is abominable. The problem seems to be largely concentrated in the kids with less than 500 posts; most of them are truly evil, irrespective of flag.

    I am biding my time to cut over solely to military topics.
    Hey chauism,

    Thank you very much for pointing out an excellent thread in one of your message:

    "To all Indian members here. A question..."

    Excellent discussions over there... Thanks!
    hey mate..dont take it in a bad way..i just wanna clear some doubt..is mangloid is an offensive term for you Chinese..I just told here by one member that it is..
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