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    Turkey’s Uyghur dilemma in the context of China’s Belt and Road Initiative

    China’s current ethnic and religious policies are more inherited from ancient Chinese feudal society. Many people know the changes in Xinjiang because of the West. In fact, many ethnic minority areas have undergone tremendous changes just like Xinjiang. Xinjiang has become special because of...
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    Vietnam launches first direct train to Belgium

    The railway saves one week of freight time.
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    ‘The country that bombed you is your friend. The one that built your new railway is your enemy’

    Why doesn't the United States make money by building infrastructure for foreign countries?
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    Chicago Public Schools eliminating sex-specific restrooms to 'increase gender equity'

    The United States is very sick!
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    China recalls its ambassador from Lithuania

    Lithuania has been deleted from the computer system of the Chinese customs.
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    NASA astronaut sabotage ISS?

    There is no cooperation between China and the United States in the field of aerospace.
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    Argentina and China strengthen cooperation on several issues

    They need weapons to regain the Malvinas Islands.
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    NASA astronaut sabotage ISS?

    It is safer for Russians to work with Chinese!
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    Iran before Khomeini

    It is not easy to maintain Chinese characteristics after the reform and opening up.
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    Iran before Khomeini

    In the early days of China's reform and opening up, Deng Xiaoping said that when the windows and doors were opened, flies would come in. From the experience of China, I understand very well the difficulties of Iran and other Muslim countries. It is also very difficult for China to have not been...
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    China warned Japan may intervene militarily if it invades Taiwan

    This is historical nihilism. You have to know that our grandfathers all experienced the War of Resistance Against Japan.
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    Iran before Khomeini

    Conservation and religion are not necessarily related. China has always been a secular country. It used to be conservative. China is now too westernized. I think China will return to tradition to a certain extent, but it will be selective and relative, and a balance needs to be found.
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    Iran before Khomeini

    In my opinion, Iran has developed quite well, considering the sanctions they face, it is better than most countries in the world. One question is whether Iran must have such a bad relationship with the United States after the Islamic Revolution. In general, although Iran is a country where...

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