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  • If you want people suspecting you, false flattery is the best way to go. And you did a darn good job of that, as now you've got a real PAKISTANI suspecting YOU. As I said, nothing special about me sending you an invite since I send it to which ever member's posts I like. And they are all either Pakistani or Chinese, or write pro-Pakistan or pro-China posts. I never asked you about any other member, which you are accusing me of... Go ahead, ask Brotherhood about me. Because you're dealing with a real Pakistani here on a Pakistani Defence Forum. The insults you've thrown below, I'll ignore, because you made them mistakenly with false perception.

    Lol Lol Lol Lol...

    Buddy, I know its online world and am quite familiar with it. You think, I can't understand what game you guys are playing with me here. Why you all are after me asking me about my origin. Constantly sending PMs, though you posted open comments, and asking me whether I know this member or that member, sometimes asking whether I am Tibetan or not, sometimes asking whether I lived in india, and disturbing me showing false sympathy and then the next moment saying I suspect you... do you think I can't see your melodramatic circus? Who are you to ask me about my personal information? And who says I am answerable to you?

    I have asked Brotherhood about you. Everyone has seen how you guys create multiple accounts here. Nice job you are doing.

    And i give a damn care about your invite, such aeon-meons are everywhere on internet. You are not the only one. Such kind of accounts anyone can create. And yes, that was actually my false flattery, I never liked your posts which appeared to be dumb, as if some copy paste job. Lol

    And please keep your arrogance and false pride to yourself, no need to show them to me. Also keep your rude behavior to yourself. If I start showing my arrogance and rude behavior, you would not be able to stand before me. Now, you may go to hell.

    No insult intended. :-)

    FYI, there's nothing special about me adding you as a friend, as you're not the only one. I add members whose posts I like, or, would like to have on my list so I can remember them, as many may stop posting for a while. I thought I liked your posts so decided to add you. Then found out about your "identity crises" and thought to help you resolve it, since that is what "friends" do, don't they? Don't get so burned out. It's only online world. Not real life.

    If you had cleared yourself with others beforehand it would have saved a lot of trouble & derailed threads. There is nothing wrong with being half Caucasian & half Japanese/Chinese. All are welcome here. People would have understood your perspective better if they knew where you were coming from. If they sense a false-flag, then you can't blame them for calling you out on it.

    I change profile pictures quite frequently at certain points or post counts, so it had nothing to do with you personally. But your refusal to clear things & false flattery comments did irk me. Hence, I removed you from my friend list.

    No insult (originally) intended.
    Mods, I just sent one PM to this member Aeon to let him know that my reply to his comment is on my profile. You can check his PM box. Nothing offensive is there.

    1) I never invited you to become my friend. I don't invite. It was you who invited me to become your friend.

    2) I never posted any comment on your profile. I don't post comment on other members' profiles. It was you who posted comment on my profile first.

    3) I never asked for your help. I don't ask help from anyone. It was you who voluntarily wanted to help me.

    Therefore, I am not begging for your sympathy or friendship. I don't beg. You don't know me.

    My honest confession:

    Primarily, I thought you are a Pakistani as your flag is Pakistani and a female as your avatar is a female. Therefore, I did not even visit your profile, I just visited to post replies. But today, when you first came to talk to me, I visited your profile to just post a reply on your profile. Suddenly, I discovered you changed your avatar. Since your avatar suddenly became Asian and since you suddenly started lecturing me about Chinese language, I became curious to know whether you are Asian. So, this was the first time, I visited your profile, I visited your albums, I admired your current avatar, I went to see your statistics and there I read your posts. I even downloaded the photo of your avatar. I admired your posts and just to please you (as I mistakenly thought you are a friend) I uploaded the photo in my album leaving a caption : "Goddess of Peace"

    If you really wanted to insult me, you could have showed me a valid reason.

    NO, I don't have any intention, I am enough handsome and established. Yes, my mother is non Chinese, a Caucasian.

    Finally, the conclusion is it was you who were begging for friendship, not me.

    Thanks for your insult by the way. Indeed, some people look ugly, think ugly and talk ugly.
    I thought I could help clear your identity issue.

    But now even I begin to suspect you. x(
    Thank you as well for the kind compliments & no problem. Why don't you clear it up for the people if the below is the case, so they stop harassing you?
    Don't blame me for being curious, but I'm guessing you might be of mixed Chinese-Japanese ethnicity, and brought up in the US, which might explain your lack of Mandarin or Nihongo facility, like so many other Asian Americans. No big deal. :)

    I like your signature, btw. It is the way to move forward.
    Nice pictures in the Tibet thread... Are you a Tibetan descendant by any chance?
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