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  • hi continue posting in the thread blood on their hands..its a sad reality here in kerala..would love to see the discussion
    It is not some country that I am backing; it is the stupidity of many Indian members that I see here who don't know what are the meanings of Secularism, Democracy, Freedoms etc.

    Most Indians here adhere to Socialist nonsense regarding them as separating state from religion which it is not.
    Hello there. I really appreciate your standing up for Hinduism on this forum. Though I am not an Indian, I find it extremely despicable that most Indians in order to impress the moderators of this forum forget their own faith and make the entire world of Hindus (mind you, there's a considerable population of Western Hindus) look uncaring and non-religious.

    I personally don't like to openly criticize religions or raise religious matters on a defense forum but my sincere applause to you and Mr. Karthic_sri.
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