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    India to provide 900 million dollars in aid to Nigeria

    Immature comment. Listen fellow, First thing mind you business. We do know how spent on our people and reduce our Poverty level. Compare to the past we improved in a superb manner. eople living below the poverty line in India has declined from 51.3 per cent in 1977-78 to about 20 per cent...
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    Lt Col Haroon of SSG Died

    May god bless his Soul
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    Army to get BrahMos on June 21

    Yheah, Excatly they will stop Brahmos threat by firing missiles on it. They have Anza Missiles to Shot brahmos:cheesy: :yahoo: :rofl:
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    Upgraded Indian 'Mays' missing vital systems, says watchdog

    Ahh.................plz. Wake Up Dude Its not the Reporters who need to be blame but its the Stupid Indians(us) who need to blame. This is what you can expect when a lot of Indians dont realize the Importance or had the education on Defence. Lot of Indians gone Brainwashed thinking...
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    Upgraded Indian 'Mays' missing vital systems, says watchdog

    The Article was Missunderstood. The Aircrafts had actuallly came with Avionics and other Stuff. The Il-38 is Capable to fire Missiles and Torpedoes but they didnt came with any missiles or other Stuff Its do Capable to Fire Old Tropedoes and Missiles. Check this Link -...
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    At Least Four Killed In Indian Mosque Bomb Blast

    Well, Iam from Hyderabad itself. Things had gone Ugly for a while but now the Situations is looking better then it was. Condolonce to the Dear Ones. May soil rest in peace
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    IAF's Sukhoi SU-30 jets lack EW system

    You can Check yourself by using Google. There is no need fro soemone to come and Excaplin your doubht. Or Else, Check the Forum like KeyPub where a there is Huge Disscussions about Sukhoi-30MKI and its EW Suits. MKIs is not Only fitted with Israeli one but also with Indian EW Systems and...
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    40,000 defence personnel retired early in three years

    Jeez,....Clever and mature relpy i should say:sick:
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    Indian missile a ‘dud’, air force doesn’t want it

    Jeez look at that Article. The Missile is not the DUD but that Idiot who wrote this artciles is a DUD. Hope, Joey or any IDF guy comes an excplain this.
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    Comment by 'centaurzhere.abdul' in media 'JF-17 VS LCA'

    My God, Your Post had expressed your Talent. What else can i say lol
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    IAF seeks more airborne warning systems

    OMG, Your Post Exclpains your Talent. YEP, The Plane crash was actually was a Huge loss for the AWACS program. It single sentecne, actually the Complete prgram had gone Dead for a while. HS-748 Avro Platform was not at all suitable to carry AWACS but DRDO had been left without no other...
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    Dhanush Test Fired,

    Ahh.........Yes. That Explains Everything:lol: We Dont think of using Nuclear Warheads until our Opponent has used it because we know how much Damage it does and what will be the results. I Have faith on our Military and Govt of defending us. Well Ours is not that Strategy. India...
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    Court blocks Indian quota plans

    ] Truely Speaking, First of all you have no idea what your talking about. You have no Idea what kind of problems do this resevration is bringing. Its just a Game play by the Politicians. If you want me to excplan you in a single sentence manner, You are a Pakistani from across the border...
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    Comment by 'centaurzhere.abdul' in media 'JF-17 VS LCA'

    OMG, My Goodness Sake. LCA had been Hit by Jf-17 lol. Well I Would love to see a real Combat Between LCA vs JF-17 or atleast Have an Air-Exercise between IAF and PAF. The IAF had already shown some Interset in it Then you hear the real results.
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    Comment by 'centaurzhere.abdul' in media 'F-16 pilot self potrait.'

    Making these Kind of Photoshopped will do nothing Good, For an Normal Civilian these Fake pic will grab his Attantion but for Aviation Freaks they will have Laugh. You will understand my point yourself after sometime.