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    Several hurt as man opens fire in Dutch tram

    Hopefully the authorities do find answers quickly. Not at one point did I consider an entire group something foul for what an individual did. People who do that make the situation even worse, no matter from what percieved group the attacker was from
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    Several hurt as man opens fire in Dutch tram

    Where the hell did we 'jump the gun'?!?! After the still fresh terror attack in New-Zeeland it is not even remotely unreasonable to at least consider the possibility of an act of terror with revenge as main driving force. Several possibilities exist as of now. There are plenty of 'our' sources...
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    French police response to ‘Yellow Vest’ violence in spotlight after latest unrest

    For now the remainder of the yellow vests are making a bad name, but one mistake from Macron and they could re-emerge.
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    Christchurch New Zealand l Multiple deaths after a terrorist opened fire on Friday prayers

    Very saddened to see once again completely innocent people getting massacred by evil scum, be it Islamic scum, facist scum or leftist scum. This is terrorism plain and simple. I'm glad it is being wildy recognized (bar some) and recieves global outcry. I am also saddened that there is a...
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    A documentary interview with the leader of the French bayonet assault on the Vrbanja bridge

    I liked that the man did not 'brag' about this at all despite likely saving plenty of lives, he was rather realistic in his viewpoint and once again proves that war isn't a joke in any way. A true soldier.
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    Kid refuses to shake French PM's hands

    Lol, kids can be cheeky bastards, he had probably no idea who the man was. The kid must be an anti-semite too:sarcastic:
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    Danish frigate gets underway for deployment with French aircraft carrier

    It's a good thing the Norwegians won't be coming :sarcastic: 30 Rafales is quite impressive with those hawkeyes added, certainly considering the displacement of the carrier is only like 40.000-45.000. Above that it also has 32 VLS for anti-air missiles and 12 mistral missiles launchers, so it...
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    ISIS poster girl from the UK stripped of citizenship! Shamima not welcome

    Quite simply don't get drawn in by people like him, definitely don't lose your cool (you did well) and report him. I didn't expect him to lash out like he did, maybe it's because you're Indian. It proves who the real racist is, just like calling all the English racist.
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    Polish PM cancels visit to Israel over Netanyahu comments on Poles and Holocaust

    Czech Republic also withdraws from the cancelled summit. Leaving Hungary and Slovakia for bilateral talks. Poland is one of the countries who suffered the most in ww2 by the hands of the Nazis. You must be a special kind of idiot for making that comment. This only feeds true anti-semitic...
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    Top French officer raps West's tactics against IS in Syria, faces punishment

    I find this a difficult situation. What with the man said, I cannot help but agree somewhat, certainly with the point he made about the victimized citizens. The way the coalition does things can certainly be critizised. However I am not sure that a colonel that is still active on the front...
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    Do you still use coins and banknotes ?

    My preferred way of paypent is indeed the bank card. Sometimes I do pay with cash however. I live in a suburban area where sometimes you're forced to pay cash. For example when you need to get a bread from the automat, cash (coins only) is the only option. Furthermore it takes a long time to...
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    France recalls ambassador to Italy over Rome’s ‘repeated attacks’

    Is this recalling for 'discussions' or a permanent one? I highly doubt it's the latter. Europe is getting increasingly divided nowadays, for example, the French want to support a amendament for increased European say in Nord Stream 2, against Germany's and other countries' wishes (including...
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    Grand theft auto: Belgian edition. 20-30 vaults robbed in Antwerp in unbelievable fasion

    The robbers were extremely lucky, because during the operation, there could have been collapses and not to speak that the sewers are very toxic. That's why the whole country is quite schoked the operation was succesfull.
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    Grand theft auto: Belgian edition. 20-30 vaults robbed in Antwerp in unbelievable fasion

    Between 20 and 30 safety deposit boxes plundered by sewer bank raiders Customers of a branch of the bank BNP Paribas Fortis on the Belgiëlei in Antwerp have been expressing concern as the extent of the weekend’s raid on the bank’s vault room starts to emerge. According to reliable VRT Sources...
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    Russia's Su-57 'stealth' fighter may never see real combat as delays hit and only 1 jet works proper

    From what I have seen, 'Business Insider' isn't really reliable, with their own articles (or articles from it's authors) contradicting each other at times. Click bait is an effective tool to get views after all. For example in this very article the author says: "To date, only the US and China...

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