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    C919 launch rings alarm bells for Airbus, Boeing

    The best time to start gaining experience is 20 years ago; The 2nd best time is now; The 3rd best time is 20 years later. I guess China chose the 2nd best time and India will choose the 3rd best time.
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    Why India space capability deteriorated so much since Modi came into power?

    Interesting! Everybody else comes to this public forum to discuss whatever he/she cares about, you come to this forum to care about what other people should or shouldn’t care about.
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    Why India space capability deteriorated so much since Modi came into power?

    Before Modi came into power 2014, India was a space superpower in Asia and to a large extend a superpower in the world. For instance, India was the first Asian country to land on the moon in 2009, and the first country in the world to find water on the moon. When human settles down on the moon...
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    China ICT (Info Communications Technology) Industry, Infra, Commerce, Exports: News & Discussions

    Haha, it's not just "bigger than Infosys". It's 10 times bigger in terms of market cap.
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    US looks Andaman for stronger Naval presence

    Doesn't India want to be an ally of the US? To become a true ally, you have to allow US troops to be stationed in your country, and the troops are not subject to the local law. Of course, it does apply the other way around. That's the case for Japan, UK, Gernamy, etc. Those are true allies of...
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    China's dangerous railways: 1,232 people killed in 2014 (down 7.8%)

    Everything is relative. Really the safety records of both China and US are not that bad. India railroad had over 27,000 deaths for a single year! Another factor to consider is that, based on Wiki data ("Rail usage statistics by country"), China RR carried 807 Billion Passenger-KM for 2014...

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