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    1. Zarvan
      Mr this questions are enough prove how much you know about Islam Mr and than you call yourself Muslims Sir read Quran the answer is there written several times first ALLAH created only one religion that is Islam all other are Man Made HAZRAT MUSA AND HAZRAT ESA AS to brought only Islam Mr yes ALLAH said if he wanted to he could have made you the same but that is exactly what the test is that you have to struggle truth even if you are born in a Muslim family that doesn't guarantee you Jannah and Islam is Islam as it teaches how to have peace it also teaches to wage war and kill Sir Islam teaches everything but liberal scum of Pakistan are to afraid and call themselves Muslims but they are biggest cowards and traitors ever born Sir you don't follow reality you in fact deny Quran and Sunnah and that is kufr clear cut kufr
    2. Zarvan
      I told you facts but you as other liberal scums are to afraid of what Islam has to say and rise of Islam because liberals don't to leave their dirty and pathetic lifestyle
    3. Zarvan
    4. Zarvan
    5. Zarvan
      Sir first Imran Khan has never been in power so just speaking against MQM will never help yes it will result in killing of innocent people only solution is you win the election than come to power and than take on MQM and also he supported Musharraf for only early 2 years but when he saw he is making alliance with same corrupt Politicians he stopped supporting him and Islam will always come in because it is our deen complete way of life Sir most donations came from people of Pakistan form Pakistan and form those who live in abroad very few donations come from foreign Mr at least check your facts Sir Mr he raises money for his party to now you are dumb enough not to understand this new phenomena

      Source: http://www.defence.pk/forums/national-political-issues/182999-imran-khan-stands-out-4.html#ixzz1w9chWnj0
    6. Zarvan
    7. King Solomon
      King Solomon
      Hello cb4, nice to talk to you.

      Yes, I am from Russia, currently living in Europe.
    8. Respect4Respect01
      thanks for the friend invite brother.
    9. Pak47
      thanks for friend invite.
    10. K-Xeroid
      Haha! welcome Back , Ban Kyun Hue the?
    11. Pukhtoon
      Kuch hass nahi bas job aur hum... life passs yaar ..tum sunao kaisi guzar rahi ?
    12. Pukhtoon
      hai ya bro
    13. Zarvan
      MR hadees in the Quran are something else Mr you prove you don't know anything about Quran Mr Fitna Sir Hadees are sayings of prophet and the same Quran tell Muslims to follow every order of HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SAW and only than ALLAH will love Muslims and beard is order of HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SAW
    14. Kalyugi Mirza
      Kalyugi Mirza
      oho best of luck yaar...tussi canada vich ho .good...fir ta uthe bahut Indian Punjabi milde hone
    15. Kalyugi Mirza
      Kalyugi Mirza
      well doing work here :) te bas Punjab vich aya han...Himachal due to mountains koi khas agriculture to alawa koi aur employment possibility nahi hein...
      tussi apan daso ? tussi ki krde ho ?
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