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    1. BigTree.CN
      In fact, this is not my first lesson. However this one is much more impressive than the ones I learned before. I have never thought people can go down to such a low level.

      I have to say this episode really opens my mind. Some Indians are truely invincible because of their invincible mentality.
    2. Abu Zolfiqar
      Abu Zolfiqar
      correctamundo.....but the soup was oh-so-tasty
    3. Syama Ayas
    4. Vassnti
      Thanks for the thoughts shaken but safe
    5. arihant

      I would come to China, HK and Taiwan at least once in my life. I always like to visit new places and that too those which are rapidly developing.

      I am really grateful that you also want me to visit. Would be there in near future.
    6. fallstuff
      I really enjoy reading your posts. Its great to see you engaing in discussion without losing civility, which as you can see in this forum is a rare comodity.
    7. S10
      It's like taunting a monkey. I throw a banana in and he jumps for it. Since he's grasping at straws and collecting his "concrete evidence", I actually want to see how far I could push his buttons before he goes insane. It's difficult to find such an amusing clown these days. You're not going to strip away my fun are you?
    8. S10
      I dislike a great deal of things that the CCP did (i.e. Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution, corruption, harassing/jailing dissidents etc). At the same time, I do realize that CCP is the only entity capable of having control over China atm. However, that does not mean they should be forever in power. I believe a government will only behave itself knowing that the people can boot them. People should not fear their government. The government should fear its people. Having the PLA under CCP control allows it to have an iron grip on power.

      The reason I bother with Speeder is that he amuses me. It's like playing with a child. I guess I'm a bit sadistic that way.
    9. siegecrossbow
      Didn't even notice till you told me lol. thnx.
    10. redfox
      No problem. I understand.
    11. Nagraj
    12. Tigershark
      Hey, just wanted to say thanks for adding me as your friend. It's great to share my opinions with like minded people.
    13. ganimi kawa
      ganimi kawa
      What's up, bro? Did you check out the "High and mighty: Indian Air Force capabilities" thread? Would like to know your response.

      Also, I was surprised to see you thanking the "Troubled Tejas edges toward service" article. It is such an obvious hatchet job by the author.

    14. siegecrossbow
      K Sorry. I'll delete the thread.
    15. gubbi
      No need to apologize. Yes internet is the worst place to judge a person. I used to initially, but then I learnt to just respond to posts, not the person. Its another thing that you can get a faint idea of a persons thought process from a number of his/her posts. Thanks for taking the initiate and I appreciate it.
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