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  • I know man, he is considered special by the powers that be.
    The link is excellent , I had never seen it before. The site is very good too, I have quoted it often.

    How is the weather in your part of Canada? I was in Delaware till last week, now back in Pune after nearly a decade of Delaware life:-(
    I was asking out of curiosity... I'm sure most of them will be back (including the troll). So it's no big deal TBH. :)
    Lol! BTW what happened. I'm looking at the Hall of Shame now and there's many infractions for Indian members... some good posters too? Did someone create a thread about "a certain troll" or something?
    You are a regular here.
    I have made the Aero India thread sticky in Indian defence for ease.
    if you can ..please inform any other members that make threads regarding aero India to post all info regarding it there.. and if you come accross an Aero India related thread elsewhere.. report it.

    hi....can u send me the link of "words of an IAF pilot who evaluated the aircraft." if available on web.
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