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  • I never get upset about it because I am always calm when I post. They have nothing more to add other than go around in circles repeating the same thing over and over. :)
    In India, unemployment can be pretty high. Even Indians themselves have a hard time finding jobs. I don't bother watching Indian media channels XD
    Hi Cambodia Spirit,
    I think you misunderstood by post - I was not supporting Vietman - I just thought it is much better for China to resolve the issue peacefully as China is a bigger country with more power so it can negotiate with Vietnamese.
    Hey there, I am fine and yourself?

    Thanks for the friends invite and for liking my comments, hopefully I will continue to make this forum fun for you :)

    Take care bro.
    Use PMs if you have any issue.... these kind of threads are violation of forum rules.....And I have nothing false.... nor anything to hide....So you better stop blatant false accusations!
    well I dont know for sure, but I think most of the mods are from Karachi, who have alot of pro-indian element in their way of thinking...
    avoid confrontation with mods, they are all friends and from same town....in the end you will be banned nothing else !
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