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  • Hey bro thx for the song anyhow although ALLAH maf kara ... lolz not the month for me to say this but i like your id name..

    i don't know all i was told because of rude comments but atleast it's back now
    Hey sup read your post in gameing thread well you wont be able to play bf 3 with your pc as it will rewuire very high conifguration which will require some amount i will sugest you to get a ps 3. Or. an xbox 360 as it will be less time consuming and less expensive
    with regards
    Another agnostic. Its suprsing i never thought there were so many athiests/agnostics in pakistan 0_0.

    But then again your an amrecian born pakistani if i am not mistaken ?
    Please have me change your username, otherwise you will be banned. Create a thread in the suggestion section to have your request.
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