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  • International Law...! That sounds interesting; the only law that I was ever exposed to was 'corporate law' as part of my studies. I can still remember them weird latin terms like 'obiter dicta' and 'ratio decidendi' !

    I'm doing Chartered Accountancy, ACCA to be precise ! I dunno whether you guys over there have a concept of what 'Chartered Accountancy' is because its more of a 'common wealth' thing i.e us ex-British colonies use such terms because Britain used to and still does ! Its essentially 14 papers of finance, management, accounting, tax, law and audit - a lot of pain ! :(
    '22'...you old fossil ! :P

    Okay I confess that I'd be 22 in a few days time too ! :)

    Whats your major at University ?
    İlgin için teşekkür ederim. Finaller ve bir kaç şahsi işim vardı ve bitti.

    Tekrardan ilgin için teşşekür ederim umarım iyisindir. :)
    It's alright; I know Turkish people are not like that =P
    He might be that hyperactive because maybe he's little young...
    I have to thank your support, but it may rise more hostility in forum in case it was public. and the fact that my thanks are under watch! :)
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