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  • I never questioned the Hi-Power's abilities, it's a great service pistol but it is showing it's age now.Why use them when we can get better pistols.

    Any souces to prove your claim?
    Hey, thought you'd appreciate this (shortened version) story of an encounter of mine:

    I recently met an Indian army soldier in depatures at Amritsar airport (won't tell you which unit he was from, mostly because he wouldn't tell me!) on my way home to UK, got talking to him and found out he could speak ELEVEN languages English, Russian, Urdu, Hebrew, Tamil, Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi(admittedly his native tongue) Arabic, Saraiki and Pashtun ( not hard to see which region this guy's AO was!). He also said he would probably learn more. Like I said he wouldn't tell me his unit but he was a VERY fit looking man and very built but I spoke to him in English and it was perfect ( he even knew slang!).One of the most incredible encounters of my life, just surreal.
    contd from above....

    I learned quite a lot but without him giving much away (it was implied and his silence to many of my questions gave me the answers I desired). Very nice guy all the same, I can understand the secrecy.
    Needless to say he declined my request to pose with me for a few quick photos!
    Hi, yes i have. I have many friends who are currently in aswell. why do you ask?
    ......as UK has a remarkably low level of en UK citizens enrolling in PhD programs. At my Uni, most are South Asians, East Asians, East Europeans and Chinese. Please tell me your GRE score (the new one???) and your GPA. You can private message me if you want...and also how to prepare effectively for GRE. As i went to USA, i had given SAT, but i have heard GRE is another level. I plan on giving GRE in the fall 2012. Thank you!
    Indeed man. When i was in the USA, my college was in Pennsylvania. So there were big defense firms like LM, General Dynamics, BAE, etc around who will recruit the engineers. Plus USA is so big. I mean east coast is the defense/finance command center. Mid west is steel/automotive. West coast is computer science/technology so is Texas and Arizona. Florida is excellent place as well. In UK, most engineering jobs are R&D as thanks to Miss Margaret Thatcher, their Industrial Manufacturing base has gone. All they have is lousy banking and finance industry. When i was moving from US to UK, it was a hard decision. But like i said, i am keeping my options open and may go to USA as a career for an Engineer seems more promising. But yes, i want to do research, but even a MS in UK is short...like 1 year only. So it's not like i have a lot of time to decide for PhD. UK Job market is very bad...and many here think that the more post-graduate qualifications you have, the better off you are....
    Thanks for the useful tips boris. I initially went to a top school in the USA for engineering, but after about 5 semester i felt sour and trasnferred to a equally good school in the UK. Both places, i had scholarship. I still have a year and half to graduate, so i guess i will be in touch with you again. You gave some very useful tips and i guess the best way is always to ask those who have experience. My dilemma at the moment is should i pursue Masters or go directly for a PhD. As in the UK i can get into a PhD program directly from Bachelors, provided i get a high honors degree (3.5 GPA or above average). So lets see how it works out. Enjoy your time man and stay in touch! Thanks!
    Nice. Carnegie Mellon is an excellent school for CS in the USA and probably the world. Any tips for admissions to their graduate program there? Like Scholarships, GPA requirements etc? But i am not a computer science major but Electrical and Electronics.

    Well, army people definitely don't get a swiss account!!!

    Dont know about the civilians.

    And politicians in Pakistan also have swiss accounts mate!!!
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