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    Majority Indians have natural immunity. Vaccinating entire population can cause great harm

    True. If drinking cow piss and gange River don't fucking kill you, you're immune to any super virus.
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    US says Mike Pompeo won’t go to Taiwan after Chinese state media warns such a trip may ‘trigger a war’

    I'm pissed Pompeo is not going to Taiwan. Was expecting a war so the stock market would crash. Need to make another 60% gain by end of 2021.
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    Li Ziqi’s new video reignites Chinese, S.Korean netizens’ cultural spat over kimchi - Outcome of close cultural ties

    My friend say if you share things with a Korean, it becomes part of Korean culture. Jesus Christ will be made to be born on korea in the revised Korean bible. I made pasta last night. I don't see Italians going after me. Kimchi need to fucking chill.
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    China avoids ICC prosecution over Xinjiang for now, but pressure is growing

    Can replace that with The Virgin Bob Vagene indian Retard and would work the same 😂😂
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    China wants India to accept the new normal on LAC, move on to restore bilateral ties

    Weak demand. China should say South Tibet is ours, not just 100 km of territory.
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    India far ahead of China in leading the world with ideas: Rajnath Singh

    It's not about the language. Chinese government is too serious all the time. They use Chinese idioms when they talk which Westerners do not get. They are not direct but rather give an ambiguous answer. This allows the western reporters an opportunity to spin it the way they want. this is where...
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    China commissions new-generation "artificial sun"

    He is a PDF think tank. He knows everything by clicking on Indian edited wikipedia. He knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows if you're been bad or good so be good for goodness sake. You better watch out, better not cry, better not make fun of him I'm telling you why...
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    China launches Chang'e-5 to collect, return moon samples on November 24, 2020

    You must be referring to some scene from the Apollo taking off from the "moon" where smoke was created. In earth there would be smoke but not if you're actually on the moon.
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    Huge study in India offers some surprises to scientists

    If India was not so poor they would have more testing. The Covid cases would be 250 million Indians infected
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    60% Amercian believes the nation is on verage of a civil war whilst half americans already preparing for it

    California already has the Republic flag. If there were a civil war, California would be the first to leave the US
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    US attempts to turn Mekong into another anti-China battlefield like S. China Sea

    Ultimately China can say no. Why she doesn't say no?
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    Featured President Donald Trump and wife Melania test positive for COVID-19

    Trump should take Hydroxychloroquine
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    Olympiades international de mathématiques 2020 CHINA number ONE

    Mercedes, BMW are endless money pit. You can get a 5 year old BMW or Mercedes for 30% of its original value 😂
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    Indian Army geared up for battling both China, harsh winters in Eastern Ladakh

    Doesn't work with Indians. When China attack them they will say you never warned us enough times. Or they surprised us with a sneak attack by not telling us what targets they planned to attack. Or we were not ready. We were still transporting more equipment to the battlefield. This is cheating...
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    Indian Army geared up for battling both China, harsh winters in Eastern Ladakh

    And more food. Daily rations for American soldiers in WW2 was 3x what Indian troops are getting now.

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