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  • About the binance... I need guidance, are you familiar with the working of binance ? I can teach myself other related things about binance from videos but I did not find anything related to how to put PKR from my bank or other account in Binance. If you can help...
    I agree with you about Syed1. He's an abusive PTI troll who is given free pass here. My advice is to ignore him completely, when he sees he can't get a rise out of you, he goes away back to the bridge he came from.

    If you don't care about being banned, reciprocate in the language he understands but mods quickly ban you if you respond to him.

    i got him banned before too ,

    its important to complain and let the mods know otherwise this board will become another siasat.pk
    mess, overrrun by PTI trolls

    the mods too , are pro PTI here , but we fight nevertheless
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