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    UNGA speech: Nawaz proposes 4-point peace initiative with India

    Never mind Sir. Kashmiris in Pakistan occupied Kashmir saying the same. The latest video footage from CCN IBN says so.
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    Modi's Silicon Valley Visit Stirs Controversy

    I did not mean the remittance India gets out of millions higher paying jobs like the Indians do inside the US and the UK. Neither the news link I put in reply says that. The report says about the "greenfield investment" in India for H1 2015. You do understand what greenfield investment is ?
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    Modi's Silicon Valley Visit Stirs Controversy

    India pips US, China as No. 1 foreign direct investment destination - The Times of India
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    India has more to lose if another war erupts with Pakistan: NYT editorial

    He intentionally cut short the original line. He is the compete paragraph from original editorial. Mr. Modi’s wish to strike back is understandable after many years of Indian restraint. But India, which is considerably stronger and more successful than Pakistan, has the most to lose if another...
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    New Pak-Indo Cold War

    Nair saab my feeling is the same. We already had 4 wars!!! Instead of war we need development and stable democratic government in both country. The priority of both country will change as our economy gets better. South Asian geopolitics is changing rapidly, cooperation among the countries is...
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    New Pak-Indo Cold War

    You are quite old member of this forum, wish you observed few things I would like to point out. Over the years, we have seen change in the member's aggression while discussing Indo-Pak relations and other day to day affairs. More hatred, getting more personal while proving one's point are...
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    Don't vote for BJP, it will impose a Hindu CM, Only a Muslim can become CM in J&K: PDP leader

    Whoever gets elected should work for the development of the J&K. Promote the economy of the state and abolish the article 370.
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    Do India's Space Program and Mars Mission Make Sense?

    The question is how come world largest illiterate people can send the space craft to Mars? If NASA is helping us why INDIA ? Why not Pakistan ?
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    PM Modi Announces $1 Billion Concessional Line of Credit to Nepal

    It is very good gesture to our brotherly country. India cannot move ahead if our neighbours are not moving ahead. I wish we can have the benefit of developed Nepal with this line of credit in future.
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    arvind vs anna............

    In my opinion, as we all respect MK Gandhi and Netaji SUbhash Chandra Bose as our Hero for their movement and efforts in 1947. We should see the same way to Anna and Kejriwal. Both have the same goal. But its the people associated with Anna who are greedy of power and recognitions like...
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    ISRO Rendezvous & Docking experiment Update

    The thread was never about China. It was a news about accomplishment of ISRO. Be it small or big in your eyes. Who cares. So, not required to convert it to India Vs. china thread.
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    Facts on the myth of India's indigenous Missiles

    An Article from so-called self styled analyst... written on April, 2010. Kudos.. #IndiaBashing
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    India officially undercounts all crimes including rape

    Youth arrested for ‘sexual assault’ Updated at2013-09-15 17:05:45 LAHORE: Harbanspura police arrested a youth on suspicion of attempted rape of an eight-year-old girl in Harbanspura area on Saturday. Police said the girl, a resident of Gulshan Park, was playing outside home when her...

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