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  • No denying that you were being missed. Yeah a lot has changed. The forum grew, members count has increased to a new high and the then top posters have been replaced by new ones. Anyways what are you upto these days? :)
    Hey F16 good to hear from you specially when considering that the msg i sent to you is some 9 months old.

    I wish you best of luck for your personal front(s) and may you have a beautiful life ahead.

    Btw have you noticed that PDF is not the same. it has become kinda boring lol

    thanx i am fine how r u ? . i am bsy i was bsy but not in PhD i am bsy in some trouble its from a person who is making lives of female hell. it was and it is still a big issue. i want to discuss this issue at this forum that innocent ppl should be careful.
    I hope you get notified by an email, how are you, it's been a while yu haven't came online. I hope everything is okay.
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