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  • Yep, the very same. Had a username change, went to a more 'meaningful' (pardon the pun) one.
    Maybe I speak the truth too much and certain people dont lke it....? ;)
    I resigned the Think Tank about two years ago---. There is good management on this board---but heirarchy butn does not have ballz and daring---. We don't see eye to eye.

    But thankyou for suggesting
    Oh the nurses- some times i wonder i'll have to get injured just to be able to interact with them- the hospital near me have some really nice looking philipino nurses- D-
    Man i wish you best luck and speedy recovery- i once was totaled for 10 days in hospital bed- those were the worst days of my life- ofcourse with some ocasional brust of happy moments-haha- Get well soon bro-
    Haha- man you one lucky fella- thats an healthy routine- even in this condition- maybe you should spend some time in cinema aswell- ofcourse with your gf- that helps alot- if you know ehat i mean- haha- did the doc recomend some sort of exercise?- therapy massage or some thing?-
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