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  • ههههههههه عجبني كيف استنى الين أنا اخت بان عشان يفتح الموضوع ذاك.
    اما انرفع عني الحظر؟؟؟؟ والله ما دريت عشان كده ما فكيتها أشوف
    سلام يا مزة :D

    ليش تبند موسى او مصعب؟ ، ماني فاكر اسمه :(
    Nope, not yet ! Gimme 2 days to come up with some material and then we'd make one ! I've been hopping to do some research about that !
    So ? I didn't say anything ! ;)

    But you can't beat Zardari...no matter who you come up with, you just can't beat Zardari ! :D
    Pakistan has openly supported Palestine on the International forums and have opposed Israel vociferously on the same International forums. We've refused to recognize Israel for the past 65 years till the rights of the Palestinians have been given to them. Our People get angry at the mere mention of any atrocity committed by the Palestinians and so this popular will ensures that not a single politician can oppose this stance. Because of this we ended up creating a feud with Israel when we had none and they cozied up to India because of we opposed them. After all of that Arafat would much rather go and get chummy with our rivals - India, then give a wooden nickle about Pakistan ! You tell me how am I supposed to feel about all of this ?
    When was the last time any politician of an Arab country admonished India for it ? When was the last time when a single rally was taken out in one of your cities for Kashmir and Kashmiris ? When was the last time economic pressure was exerted on India to better the situation in Kashmir ? We are Not Arab...but we weep for the Palestinains....we have no beef with the Israelis but we'd fight them because they persecute and kill our fellow Muslims, our founding father refused to establish connections with Israel and supported the Palestinian stance. He even asked the British to intervene and stop it ! We don't recognize Israel to this date ! Has an iota of that been reciprocated in case of Kashmir ?
    We could get banned ourselves but it'll be worth it ! Best case : We get Mosa back !, Worst Case : We get banned ourselves but hey....that might actually break the addiction and we'd finally get some work done. So what do you say ?
    ايه النقط دي كلها في الرسالة دي حضرتك اتخنقت مني ولا ايه XD
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