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  • Mr. black_magic pk, Sir,
    The truth I seek is the honest truth. That is, what is real without spin. I joined PDF to learn about the truth as it is seen by Pakistanis. Many posters here say they are speaking the truth. However, the truth is not so easy to know. Many people say what they have heard and think it is the truth. But
    thinking something is true does not make it so. N'est-ce pas? Are you a satanist?


    Arent you gonna listen!?
    You are representing Pakistan!
    PLEASE be sensible
    (PS. I am not against you, but your replies to trolls)
    Oye yaar!
    Baaz nhi aana?
    Pehley hi suspend ho gai thay!
    I dont want it to happen again!
    Please stop trolling, bro.
    And espicially that 'Lillee', hes upto no good. Ignore them.
    And about the reality that Indians painted russian missile, keep facts like this away. We all know that. Let them be proud of their cheats, that failed (and instead of getting it to russia, it came as Indian sattellite failed :P)
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