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  • I addressed to you as an American not a PDF member
    If you don't want to responce on that that's ok ignore it
    Btw. becoming angry etc is not the issue. That provoke people to hate you more. I can't understand u beacause if I was an American and was among so many Iranians that was a shame for me, that my country is weakening others for its own good
    Hope you understand
    Yeah this is not what I/u want and is natural and is how world works, but the question here is are you happy about it? and why? I mean you as an American in a forum with a lot of non-westerns has put such avatar, so are you happy about that, that US is ****ing the world and making them weaker in order to become more stronger?
    Lol that fictional movie
    Sorry but I think that was 500 BC, it's not a good comparision. Lots of those people did want that, that was the best type of ruling at that time - one, centralized power. And yeah including Greeks (they consider Cyrus the Great part of their own history and heritge for instance). But now people hate to be ruled and influenced by foreigners etc.
    Not avator, but what US is really doing
    The avatar just reminds people what US is trying to do, thats the reason non-Westerns hate US - that US wants to be the only power and ruling anyone anywhere, eating others resources etc
    Greetings Blacktone...
    Just dropping by to say hello mate.I hope all is well with you.
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