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  • I'm not arguing on theories, I'm talking about claims that Pakistani government have already made about ICBMs.
    What? It's a better discussion topic than the mess you guys are doing in the Agni5 launch thread. I have to think in Pakistani terms nothing to do with jealousy, an ICBM will make no difference to India or vice versa.
    I like BRF's information section. But we come across too many fanboys in the forum there brother. I feel embarassed by them. :hitwall Because there are more Indians on earth, the threads are longer and have more fanboy junk there.
    Seems like they have deleted. Search by "Sindh Sindhudesh Liberation" you will find no of links but they are not working now.
    Now Good to go!!! :)
    bhai maine naya threa khola hai ...kindly post here.is it possible in near future @ world affairs
    I did not expect that kind of attitude at-least from you. It was somewhat disappointing for me.....
    Anyways,,, need to move ahead,,,, its OK and lets start afresh :-)
    creating threads or posting in threads that are not meant for meaningful or constructive discussion but cause flame and invite trolls will be deleted and repeat offenders will be handed infractions whatever their nationality
    criticism is fine but trolling is not. you are old enough to know the difference and you know that I know what you are up to so stop playing kid and remain within the civil limits if your intention is constructive discussion.
    the site policy is very clear about the types of subjects and use of language if you are not sure then read them again. if you are posting something controversial then it is bound to cause offence because not everyone shares your ideas and just to let you know your latest posts have been reported by your fellow Indians
    continue to break rules and you wont stay long here.
    this discussion is over.
    Sex, rape, molestation are banned topics and result in infraction and so can any misleading information and twisting them to result in flame.
    avoid these and never get infractions or warnings otherwise even being Pakistani wont help you
    I have read it anyway, but I want the forum less haphazard and organized... therefore Its better to group articles with similar stuff in one place.
    Then post it as it is.. also.. if the article states similar content as an existing thread , please post in the same thread.. dont create new ones. I make that sure for the MMRCA and JF-17 threads.
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