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Oct 16, 1989 (Age: 30)

Bilal Khan (Quwa)


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    1. Ahmet Pasha
      Ahmet Pasha
      What do you think the future of airlines is gonna look like in North America??
      1. Issam
        bankruptcies, reductions and layoffs.
        Aug 9, 2020 at 10:44 PM
    2. kursed
      Bilal, is there a way to private message you?
      1. Bilal Khan (Quwa)
        Bilal Khan (Quwa)
        Mar 3, 2020
    3. FuturePAF
    4. Philip the Arab
      Philip the Arab
      Hello sir, what do you think of Pakistan precise targeting of Indian airbases by long range MLRS with GPS/GLONASS guidance? Turkish systems advertise a CEP of 10 meters and can mostly likely hit bunkers, fortified structures, and take out runways.
      1. Bilal Khan (Quwa)
        Bilal Khan (Quwa)
        It should be an option, but whether the Army thinks along those lines is another variable entirely.
        Jan 13, 2020
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      2. Philip the Arab
        Philip the Arab
        Whether Pakistan pursues it or not it has great potential for becoming a viable force multiplier. I may make a thread soon about it but thanks for your opinion.
        Jan 13, 2020
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    5. farooqbhai007
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      2. Bilal Khan (Quwa)
        Bilal Khan (Quwa)
        Excellent stuff. I was thinking along the same lines, but I would keep the possibility of NORINCO/Chinese and Serbian options open as well.
        Jan 1, 2020
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      3. farooqbhai007
        I cant find any info regarding the purchase of AH-4 howitzers , would you have any info ? given the possibility that they would be used to shoot extended range shells.
        Jan 2, 2020
    6. PakFactor
      Bilal bhai,

      Does Stealth have a point about the construction quality of JF-17 or he's mostly looking from a aesthetic point of view what looks appealing to the eyes? And the concerns he raised about the Stabilizer being in a different place now and its aerodynamic profile? Whats' your opinion and have you spoken to PAF individuals who have flown it, etc.
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      2. Bilal Khan (Quwa)
        Bilal Khan (Quwa)
        The "fantasy" narrative is BS.

        You don't need to go far to find some documentation on Azm.

        So, for a start, check out PAC's website to see how they've organized AvRID for the job.

        Dec 30, 2019
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      3. Bilal Khan (Quwa)
        Bilal Khan (Quwa)
        Next, consult the MoDP yearbook for last year, AvRID's status update:

        "First cycle of conceptual design phase has been completed. The first configuration that was designed based on the challenging performance requirements of PAF will go through three more cycles within the conceptual design using higher fidelity analysis tools and codes.”

        Year Book (sic) 2017-2018. URL: http://www.modp.gov.pk/frmDetails.aspx
        Dec 30, 2019
      4. Bilal Khan (Quwa)
        Bilal Khan (Quwa)
        There are no models because the project is still in its early stages. The PAF may roll Azm into the TF-X for the sake of getting R&D support, but as it stands today, Azm is an original design with work being done primarily in Pakistan.
        Dec 30, 2019
    7. Hassan Guy
      Hassan Guy
      Hey man, when you put up a new excerpt can you post the full article on the 'premium' list. I can't view the stuff from nov. 14 and 19.
      1. Bilal Khan (Quwa)
        Bilal Khan (Quwa)
        Yo, the second link at the end of the excerpts should take you straight to the articles. Otherwise, you'll need to Crtl-F on the article list page.
        Nov 20, 2019
    8. Falcon26
      Hi- since the website hasn’t been updated for couple weeks now(oct 21-nov 8), mind updating paying members on what’s going on? In the future, can you post brief note advising members of any lapse in updates? Thanks
      1. Bilal Khan (Quwa)
        Bilal Khan (Quwa)
        Apologies. Will update Friday/Sat EST. Resume from Monday. Basically, illness and injury.
        Nov 9, 2018
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      2. Falcon26
        Thanks for the update. Hope you feel better soon. In the future, just send out a brief tweet so members are aware. Thanks for the reply.
        Nov 9, 2018
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    9. CHI RULES
      Sir since many days you have not updated your website QUWA, please upload some articles now ans then for info purposes.
    10. mikaal hassan
      mikaal hassan
      sir do you think we can upgrade our land rovers to mraps or light armored vehicles with help from south africa ? as we got so many of them might be a possibility in your view...if i am correct most of these mraps have been derived from Toyota and other vehicles
    11. MastanKhan
      Bilal, Have any of our Sub commanders done the Perishers course in UK / netherland?
      1. Bilal Khan (Quwa)
        Bilal Khan (Quwa)
        I'll have to look into it
        May 4, 2017
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    12. SabzShaheen
      Good to see that a writer of excellent status and talent is a member of this forum.
    13. _NOBODY_
      Happy new year sir
    14. Signalian
      Happy New Year 2017 :-) May you get lots of health, wealth, fame and all your wishes come true :-) Ameen
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    15. Zain Malik
      Zain Malik
      Happy Birthday...!!
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