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  • Respected sir,
    I wanted discuss with you about naval wing arm for PN. Should naval wing arm for PN still be considered a luxury or has it become a necessity now? Do you believe that we need dedicated maritime strike fighters(for PN)? If so then what fighters will you consider ideal for us for this particular role?
    Respected sir,
    I would like to discuss the capabilities of J-10C as a strike aircraft. If PAF goes for it then it will mean that J-10C will be replacing mirages so what new capabilities will J-10C offer over mirages as strike platform?
    It is a pleasure to have you back at the forum, may Allah bless you.
    Hello sir, I am currently reading the thread regarding the two IAF jets being shot down and I feel obligated to say thanks to you for your great insight. Of all the posts available I find yours to be the most concise, well written, and informative. It is a pleasure reading each word.
    Hi, I apologize if I offended you in the PN Sub thread. My comments were directed actually at Mastan Khan (and his penchant for calling everyone a kid, hence the tounge in cheek old man comment). I didn't want to tag his name and thus it might have come across as being addressed to you. Sorry if that made you feel targeted.
    Hello sir. Hope all is well. Got an interesting pic on your profile....are you a former F-6 driver ??
    Bilal Khan 777
    Bilal Khan 777
    i inducted the F6 in PAF
    Raider 21
    Raider 21
    You ferried the first jet ?? engineering, logistics, GD(P) ??.......

    Interesting to know. My father flew F-6s from 1983-1985 and then in 1989 while FSO at Samungli.
    Sir plz tell what are we going too procure this year .. i Know some serious talks are going on with China. Please tell sir
    sir 3.4 question hain hope k ap jawab dy sakty hainn
    1: pakistan jf17 against india bana raha hai ya sirf replacment maqsad ha? Mirage2000 Mig 29 Su30mk Rafale Lca tejas? aur hamarey pass f16 aur jf17 ? kya planinghai Paf ki ?
    2: Kya HQ9 on tqable ha with china or russia ?
    3: hum jf ko Kis Limit tak best kar sakty hain k wo india k su 30 k muqably py ah sakay aur Plaaf k pass kun sa jet hai to counter rafale
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