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    1. jetLi
      hehe,yes.how about u
    2. luffy
      yeah it is good here in NUS, and quite cheap too compared to the american unis, I was planning to work here for some time(to clear my loan) and go back to India, I don't think I could ever settle here without hurting my consious, I am a bit too patriotic for my own good :). Because if i settle down here, it would mean I have accepted that India is no good and we indians are useless who can't make their country better so we emigrate to other countries. afterall...
      " what man is a man if he does'nt make his land better" :D

      You know what, I think Indians only look like middle easterners, but I think that is where the similarity ends, we have nothing in common with them.I believe India and east(&south east) asia are very similar culturally. This stress on education, respecting others religion, lack of expansionist tendencies, respect for elders, minding your own business whereever you go, working hard to come up the economic ladder(don't you think they sound quite east asian?).No wonder you don't have many religions and ethnic problems eh? because asians just mind their business.I don't consider middle east as asian mind you.

      "you are the rare gem that appreciates east asian subculture"
      Most Indians are simply not aware of east asia that is the main problem as i have mentioned in one of the thread Indians having looking towards the west for the last 400years, but we had the strongest cultural ties for the last 3000years with east asia not europe. That said I would be kidding if I said Indians don't respect east asians and their culture . Countries like japan, korea, singapore, malaysia etc are looked upon very highly here. Ofcourse China gets the special mention, they are rivals are'nt they :)(mind you not enemies but just rivals!).

      CN=Cartoon Network(complete crap :()
    3. luffy
      i have been watching onepiece since 2005, so no singapore connection thr :)....and I watch something because it is good, i don't care who made it....I got hooked into Jap manga in my Engineering, I found it infinitely better than the Marvel Comics crap(superman, spiderman etc), I love the concept of nakama(comradeship) which is potrayed in these animes, I watch onepiece,naruto,bleach,kenshin,deathnote etc.....and no i won't say that they are popular in south asia....because of lack of awareness, only things which people watch are CN programs....it is a shame really because there is so much soul, talent and god i love the music...you gotta watch them in japanese though with eng subs....watching the eng dubs wants to make me puke.

      I am doing my masters in Computer Science....a lot tougher than I originally imagined.But I am getting by :D
    4. luffy
      sry for the very very very late reply :D , i was'nt an active member of the forum for a very long time.......yeah I am a big fan of onepiece and thank you
    5. qsaark
      Please do not type in all capital letters, it makes it awfully difficult to read.
    6. bigmoneymaker
      am i banned??? i am just trying to make you out of the religious whirlwind that absorbing the world order into it......those people with extremist view will eventually wipe out their dear non muslims chinese brothers as well???
    7. bigmoneymaker
      how to get a words or sentences written signature below your each post in the forum??? thanks for answer anyway...
    8. bigmoneymaker
      1940 to 1945 gradually come from the war torn china to settle down in a new environment seeking for possible development livelihood, already many generations at here helping develop this land economy using our wisdom, that is why 马来人眼红华社的经济成就. i think it is the singapore that really attracts many chinese nationality immigrants for nowadays......
    9. 中国人
      中国人?干嘛转国籍,真郁闷 有钱没事撑的。。。。。 。。。。
    10. 中国人
      外来华人?你到底 是那国人?
    11. 中国人
      外来华人?你到底 是那国人
    12. 中国人
      那么,请你们国家先把我们的礁岛归还给我们 ,我们再继续讨论其他的
    13. 中国人
      Sorry, I do not often go to the Phoenix forum, but where I have not registered account "anyway did you always show up in ifeng forum", maybe you mistaken identity of the。You are Pakistanis? Or the Chinese?
    14. DaRk WaVe
      DaRk WaVe
    15. gpit
      Dear friend, I spent some of my life in China. I live and work in the States. I'm just interested in international relationships, as my hobby, especially US-China and to some degree India and its relationship with its neighbors. I'm no Dashan the Canadian. LOL, I was laughed at (kind of) by the "true Chinese", for instance my remote cousins there, for my obsolete knowledge of China, and for talking/behaving like Tu Baozi. Haha...
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