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  • F.U.K that son of ***** couple, Turks and Pakish seem very fit, let them sleep with each others, China must learn a hard lesson not to trust anybody!!!!

    This forum is for defending uighur-turkish or vietanemse, that's why you see how those trolls can freely insulting your people but never fall in any troubles; and us, non_muslim are always being stroked by their strictly rules!!!

    I become hate those turk and its gayhooh brothers!!!

    Son of ***** this PDF!!!
    China has own Turks for nothing but what the Turks had done to China in Korean war, Uighur issues, and Muslim world!?

    They are move favor to the West and all we can see is just their using Muslims brotherhood to serve for their national interests. Turks seem cocky, arrogant and selfish by my point, a non-Muslim viewer!?
    see when that "webmaster" dude getting angry he will offer a permanent ban on me, these Muslim are very narrow minded and and mean, they never tolerate if you reveal or against their dirty!!!
    I just got ban by that son of ***** Webmaster for nothing, it is obvious they cover for their Turks pig brotherhood! China you must be very careful with these Pakistani, they are double head snakes!!!

    Dear Sin Pateh,

    You have received an infraction at Pakistan Defence Forum.

    Reason: Inappropriate Language


    This infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

    Original Post:
    extreme turks seem look like with those crazy ultra nationalists in south korea, both are crazy and cocky, that why they team together very fit, the irony is in south korea they view Muslim as not better than the world view on Bin Laden or Taliban, but somehow they in the far east very love those extreme turks, there are nothing hard to understand just because they need to gang up with anybody that could help them against China!!!

    I wish one day when the destiny turns to a new side so those evils will bite each others for good!!!
    those turks are illiterate, cocky and extreme, they don't care what the hell is going on in China but when they hear there is a Uighur-Turkish incident then they will jump in and blindly supports those people even terrorists!!!

    turks once claimed on this forum that they don't need China but China needs them, they pick and use China as a card to please their political issues, beside that China is just a problem to them. but those turks never realize that China has never own them anything but they, evn the blood during korean war and now unrest Uighur. sometime I feel those turks are as same as the japs, who think of themselves superior than others and so powerful. turks here are illiterate no doubt, and those who blindly support them are the same!!!
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