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    Pashto words in Urdu

    People from Hyderabad Daccan as well as some other people from transplanted Pashtun populations that later began speaking Urdu still have inherited words, although few and far between. I've heard a Badayuni say ghaT for big, and Hyderabadis as a routine say aauu for yes.
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    PAF Film Fizaon Kay Mohafiz

    Fazaon not fizaon.
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    Halal supermarket ordered to sell pork, alcohol or face closure

    Usually bouchechies do not sell pork in France, specialized butcher shops called charcuteries do. It's unfathomable why this boucherie is being forced to serve also as a charcuterie.
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    A Sindhi was the true inventor of Google.

    Don't deface computer science's name by conflating it with IT and the other nouns you mention! The Vaziranis are from central Sindh, in modern day Pakistan, and their father moved their family to Bharath after 1947.
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    Don't Be Scared to Squeeze Pakistan

    When are people going to realize that mulla has no h in it.
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    First Video Footage of Molvi HaibatUllah.

    maulawi, not molvi. v is extraneous. And short vowels are just as important syllable markers .
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    Indian Lady minister falls in Gutter,live

    How could somebody fall into a gutter? Gutters or gargoyles are usually placed high near the roof!
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    Taliban chief Akhtar Mansoor dead, Taliban deny.

    Mullah has no h in it's spelling.
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    Bringing dead brains back to life

    This should help in a regeneration of sorts of parts of the brain that have died because of Alzheimer's or another neurodegenerative disease, or as a result of an ischemic event etc. I'd be keeping my fingers crossed. Really, if this could be pulled off, a subcategory of disorders would finally...
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    India To Spend $6 Billion To Create New Forests

    Good thing to do. Maybe better than buying weapons.
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    Cleric terms Women’s Protection Bill contrary to Islamic Sharia

    It would appear out of place for a Christian to comment on whether something is or isn't part of the final sharii3ah. Why would anybody take a cleric's opinion on that?
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    Battle of Hattin, 4 July 1187 - The destruction of the Kingdom of Jerusalem

    is it the establishment of a curriculum, the nizamiyyah?

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