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  • with all due respect the Iran missile thread wasnt made by wiki help
    wiki is an unreliable scource if you know
    i got help from another pro regime iraninan defence forum
    thanks for your message, if you could contact some of your colleagues from university that would be fantastic.

    I will let you know how the search goes! send me your email address.

    Hi there,

    My name is Dan and I'm a journalist writing a piece on the Jewish community who lived and may still live in Karachi. I read a comment you wrote a while back:

    "I had a Jewish colleague back in Karachi. Wore the kippah and all. Went away from Pakistan for his career. He had no problem with us, nor us with him."

    I was just wondering if you had contact details for this man, or if you knew any other Jewish people in Karachi, or PK as a whole.

    Would really appreciate your help.

    Walaikum brother, how are you doing? And yeah I have only learned the language from movies and some of my Indian friends. Even my Pak colleagues speak more Hindi than Urdu to be honest, maybe because most of our colleagues are Indians. Don't know.

    And I can't send you PM back, I have to have 700 posts for that.
    Salam sir,

    I am doing a study on Mohajir nationalism for my Masters and was hoping you could fill this 1 min long survey for me please. I would be extremely grateful if you can. BTW you might be wondering how I came across you, I saw your posts in an old Urdu speaking topic created by Omar1984. I hope you didn't mind my intrusion.


    Much regards,
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