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  • It states in the Surat to believe in the other books such as Torat and Old Testament. In the Old Testment in mentions why Pork is forbidden and why it is a dirty animal.
    Sir you can't follow most orders of Quran without following Hadees because Quran mostly have only orders but not details even no detail of Salah is in Quran only order to offer it but not not mentioned
    Those two who were killed for blashmey were the one who were killed for blashmey only they were the poets and who used poetry to abuse HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SAW that was their only crime
    We have the right to quote Sahih Bukhari and I didn't understand what do you mean by opening of Makkah if you are reffering to Fatah e Makkah than I should correct you here 4 people were killed on Fatah Makkah 2 for blashmey and 1 was killed when he was hiding behind the cloth of Kaba he was killed there
    Sir proof is clear In Sahi Bukhari Sir most were killed in Madinah they are more than 10 who were killed for this reason
    Sir Kuwait did right thing it is Blashmey is punished by death in Islam no one can allowed to insult GOD and HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SAW or any other PROPHET in Muslim state
    Bonjour .... Thanks bro for the befitting reply you gave .... appreciate that ... Cheers
    "We don't care for protection when we penetrate India:)"

    Brother then you'll only make her pregnant...... ;) lol if you understand what i mean.
    blackops, we came to blows some months ago for some of the ***** he was speaking, and while he's stubborn on it I'm firm on my cursing him! It's getting monotonous having that for a signature, and I don't like it when I read my posts and I've been wanting to change it. Your asking will probably be the motivation to finally delete it.
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