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  • ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه
    معك حق
    انا عارف انهم يستاهلوا الحرق كلهم بلا استثناء, لكن بالمنتدى انت تعتبر ناشر للكره والفتنة, لذلك حاول ما تشير للعلويين او غيرهم بشكل مباشر
    عدل تعليقك قبل ما حدا يعمله ريبورت لانه عليه انفراكشن
    هههههههههههه معد رجع بعد ردي شفت كيف الفن؟؟
    Don't worry when they call you Indian; just go along with the flow. They are simply doing that to tease you.
    طبعا لا حق لاحد فى ارتكاب المجازر مع انى مش مقتنع ان النظام السورى وحدة هو الى بيرتكب مجازر التوار المسلحيين ايضا يرتكبون مجازر
    حاجة تانية لو بشار وقع اية الى هيحصل ؟
    مع وقوع جيش سوريا القتل و النهب هينتشر فى كل انحاء سوريا و تبقى زى الصومال يمكن اكتر يبقى كدة استفدنا اية ؟
    الجيش السورى راح حزب اللة راح و سوريا راحت و المجازر هتكتر و مافيش حد هيحكم سوريا الا بالدم الثورة المصرية علمتنى انى مااطالبش بالمثالية و اتقبل الواقع و انفى اقل المخاطر
    طيب حرب حزب اللة و اسرائيل كانت هزار ؟
    كون ان انت عايز تقنعنى ان دية تمثيلية بين ايران و اسرائيل و امريكا حاجة زى دية ماتتصدقش مع احترامى ليك بس انا مش عيل صغير عايز تقولى ان كل الى بيحصل دة و الاشتبكات دية و حرب حماس و حزب اللة كانت مش حرب حقيقية
    انا مش بكرة العرب انا بقول انى مصرى و مش عربى مع احترامى للجميع
    علشان معاملاتهم للمصريين
    علشان جبهة سوريا حزب اللة ايران بتقاوم امريكا و اسرائيل و لو وقعت هيدورو على مصر
    Yes, I do agree some regimes are pure evil, often based on hedonistic desires of their leaders. I would class North korea and to some extent, syria in that. I think the regime has handled the protests too brutally. However, there is no need to start any insurgency. The democratic process should be reflected and followed.

    Long term betterment? What long term betterment have we seen in, say Afghanistan?

    Regarding physical Jihad, I think the Koranic morals should prevail. Only on self defense and not terrorism or aggression.
    Yes, I know. I've seen people in the forum consider Chechen insurgents as freedom fighters while considering that talibans are fighting "holy war" against NATO. At the same time, many natives don't consider Xinxiang insurgents as terrorist just because pakistan has good relation with china. In my opinion, any insurgents are terrorists. I see no reason to sacrifice innocent people just because some extremists want the govt. gone.

    LOL don't tell me that! I was myself accused to be false flagger Indian by some natives. Turks accused me of being hidden greek/armenian many times. Whenever i support Israel people automatically considers me infidel kafir. I think everyone should argue based on merits rather than the origins of people..

    I also think US is actually secretly helping Iran or trying to balance shia-sunni power in middle east. I cannot fathom that US did not foresee Iraq falling into shia hand after their invasion.
    True. For me, I support the US whole-heartedly because US follows Islamic values in their political, judicial, democratic and other system/protocols.

    What is your view on islamist fanaticism/extremism?

    Btw, why are you using Indian flag? I thought you were an Arabian?
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