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    Allocation in budget for education negates PTI’s claim

    Would you believe the government provided white paper from the official site? http://www.financekpp.gov.pk/FD/attachments/article/236/White%20Papers%202013-14.pdf Don't get into this loop of brain washing yourself it is a slippery slope indeed...
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    Allocation in budget for education negates PTI’s claim

    and Does this mean KPK has a CM who can't do basic maths? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and (I know you have written dollars above in your super excited childish mode so I will forgive you for that) The quotes above from your...
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    Allocation in budget for education negates PTI’s claim

    Because I think that tangible expenses would have been teacher training providing quality classrooms spending extra on updating and modifying the curriculum not just paying teachers more which is good but does not make kids smarter or better. Also the increase isn't sufficient to lure high...
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    Allocation in budget for education negates PTI’s claim

    The comparison is being made on the proportion of spending which means the value against the total budget not against each other. Are you suggesting that compared to last years budget allocation for Punjab ( Education | Chief Minister Punjab ) the total spending has been reduced from Rs. 117Bn...
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    Allocation in budget for education negates PTI’s claim

    I am afraid I can't agree to "notice a difference" for an action that hasn't even taken place yet. They used words like imposing an emergency and that requires a clear higher financial commitment not just words. Also I would like a link for the claim of ANP not having used even 5bn of the money.
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    Allocation in budget for education negates PTI’s claim

    Removing all salaries, the education budget in previous KPK Govt. was Rs. 12bn. This time around it is Rs. 13bn. This is 3.77% of the total revenues available as compared to 3.96% of the revenues available last time around.
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    Various members of Parliament suspended

    EC suspends membership of 148 lawmakers http://www.dawn.com/wps/wcm/connect/d199e880445c6c36ac9effded77b42cd/parliament-608.jpg?MOD=AJPERES ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan on Monday suspended the membership of 148 lawmakers who failed to submit statements of their assets...
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    MQM landed in Punjab

    I am picking up this topic quite late and am wondering at what point did Waffen SS consider himself the sole representative of all Muhajirs I believe that Pakistan is too divided a country and I am pretty sure nothing can be done about the issue we would need to give provincial autonomy with new...
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    President excuses punishments of Mr Rehman Malik

    I believe it is Sindh High court that has allowed the president to pardon him. Recently I heard through reliable sources that Mr. Babar Awan who believes that Pakistani parliament may even look into the idea of having a ten year un-removable tenure he related it to how Musharraf and Zia both got...
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    New provinces and provincial autonomy

    I am picking this up through the middle however more devolution is better for us definately because people will be able to identify themselves with their area and Pakistan.
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    New provinces and provincial autonomy

    you mean expanding Baluchistan? surely we would have to divide by populus and not by land size
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    Movement for Hazara province

    Well what are you playing at that we completely try to stamp out our freedom keep your policing state ideology away from our freedom. I disagree with their plans on the name change but they have their rights
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    New provinces and provincial autonomy

    Too much devolution will make the bureaucrats feel uncomfartable and the got rid of the nazim system because of the same reasons too much people power will hurt the establishment
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    Remembering " ZA Bhutto "

    Sorry for picking up this so late however please tell me why he is a great leader?
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    Altaf seriously ill

    Altaf Hussain may be very ill and I hope he recovers soon however it may be a positive twist and they will have a new democratically elected leaders

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