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    How we all must gather to stop the menace of TLP

    Very easy solution. You just need to think a little bit harder
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    Pakistan Army APC Inventory

    I remember a fairly large number of them were being transported near pindi. Thought they were the old ones bought in 2014ish
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    [CONGRATS] Pakistan (PakRail) Signed Huge Contract with China's CRRC Tangshan Co,. Ltd. for High Speed Passenger Trains

    Ok so are we laying the coffin of our train industry permanently. Nothing procured locally, No ToT or investment in increasing local industry.
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    Frontier Corps News & Discussions

    Thats disappointing, I thought uncles at POF had started doing something rather than drink chai and eat samosas all day. Any reason behind importing AKM kits instead of moving up to AK-74/103. Or maybe this was a MOI procurement?
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    Frontier Corps News & Discussions

    And how did we get Belarusian Rifles? Is POF making them or they are being imported
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    Electricity to prices to go up. Due to capacity payments.

    Because power deals signed during PLMN are coming online now? I'm more worried about the hydro electric deals signed during Nawaz era. They are supposed to be cheaper but are priced absurdly
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    Highest ever export in goods in the month of October.

    You forgot 20 years of conflict 15 years of political instability I'm surprised we've gained this much in terms 9f growth and exports
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    Lt General Nadeem Anjum appointed as DG ISI

    It's fun watching the people who were mindlessly supporting Imran khan go around in circles to bring reason in his actions. And then there's the party which had bet on the pony to listen and win the race, sadly that won't happen. As it hasn't for 70 years
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    Inflation breaks 70-year record in last three years: Federal Bureau of Statistics report

    Reading your post is like talking to Imran khan himself. Tabdeli
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    Pakistan officially inducts HQ 9 Air Defence system

    You wouldn't want to deploy HQ-9 in such a harsh environment with high mountains every few hundred meters.
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    The growing community of Pakistani Texans

    Imagine if the gun nuts of Texas and Gunsmiths combined to form3some sort of super gun-making nut.
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    IAF to acquire 24 second-hand Mirages from France

    Won't it be better to buy up the whole factory blueprints included to produce spares locally in India. I'm sure India and France can come to agreement
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    PAF officially discloses its Space Command

    Space marines. Or Space Mujahids?
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    Pakistan Military Multimedia

    5th picture T-72?

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