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    1. Asfandyar Bhittani
      Asfandyar Bhittani
      Sir do you any reliable gun dealers in Islamabad/pindi where one may find canik.
      Asked horus but he said you would know. Thanks
      1. balixd
        Bro, which model of cannik are you looking for? ....reliable dealer in rwp are Fazal Sons and Badar ud din .....both shops are next to each other in Hathi Chowk Saddar......they are reliable dealers........my best advice if you can make the trip to peshawar or Lahore.....you will find variety n reasonable price.....4k less than pindi
        Feb 1, 2017
      2. Asfandyar Bhittani
        Asfandyar Bhittani
        @balixd Thanks for the info. I visited them yesterday. Fazalsons was closed while Badar ud din had a chrome canik sa. No one else had one. Looks like i have to make that trip to peshawar. Thanks for you time
        Feb 2, 2017
    2. Army research
      Army research
      Sir I found a post where it said that you went to Pasban shooting range sir some one is asking me well his father is a retired officer of PA can they go there and if yes are they allowed to take licensed .303 there ?
      1. Army research
        Army research
        Sir there contact no would be appreciated too if possible please reply asap
        Sep 16, 2016
      2. balixd
        dear, there is no membership required for the range, better to take Uncle or his service card with ou, introduce youself to the rangemaster , hes JCO, and if not in use then he can allow you to fire your licensed weapon, if range is in use by other units or someone unless then he will not allow you to discharge your weapon ----
        Sep 16, 2016
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    3. WAJsal
      Sir, no graphic images at all.
      thank you
    4. Zarvan
      Sir I have a picture which suggest that HK-417 and MPT-76 are also in trials . Army Chief also visited those countries but no deal for MPT 76 or HK 417 was made. So that's why I was not going crazy
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