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  • Respected sir,
    I would definitely want to know about your academic background & profession(s);

    Kind Regards;;
    I don't know if he is really a Texan, but he lives in Dallas/fort worth area.

    but what about my other questions :) if you don't mind.
    Have u been doing this in Iran or US? I mean are u active pilot in USA.

    by the way I love Farsi (if a man is speaking) so sweet language and then number 2 is turkish (if a girl is speaking). This is just my own silly criteria.

    I cant understand them but I love to listen to them. I can understand few Farsi words as lots of them are in Urdu too.

    are u in Dallas area too, like Chogy :)
    Hi ynmian

    I have flown as a commercial pilot and a flight instructor in general aviation single and twin engines aircraft...also flown Citation jets.
    I fly aerobatics when I can but I do not instruct it.

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