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    PM Imran Khan's Interview to HBO's Jonathan Swan

    Dress code is a professional mandate , at work , and at public places Dress code is enforced in workplace in USA , Europe Dress code is enforced at Travelling when possible Dress code is applicable at schools in Western World till University Dress code is applicable when you go shopping you...

    Operation Defame Pakistan & Imran Khan commences

    Having awareness is the first step in correction of the issue to the National Prime Minister not exposed to these interviews which have political motives Pakistan wants peace in our region , we can't have these situation where western media harps on 1-2 punch line and associates Pakistan...

    PM Imran Khan's Interview to HBO's Jonathan Swan

    The aim is character assassination since Imran Khan enjoys a clean chit , it is difficult go against him That is why , a gradual story is being made about Imran Khan's personality a) He does not wants to go to war with Taliban (out of context material , as he favors dialog) b) He blames women...

    Operation Defame Pakistan & Imran Khan commences

    In next 1-6 Month Pakistan should expect these news stories to gradually take shape The media goons have started to spew hateful articles targeting Imran Khan and Pakistan in general It seems the Target is Imran Khan's persona , and gradually news articles are being written in order to make his...

    Pandemonium Breaks Out in the National Assembly :Treasury Benches Protest at the Opposition

    if Government was Presidential Style , Imran Khan would have selected a representative for all his domicile

    Egypt finalizes deal with Pakistan to jointly manufacture Raad and Babur-class cruise missiles

    nice story I will wait till a formal announcement comes , I thought it is something like a Military base for Pakistani/ Turkish military in Jordan or Gaza. This seems like just sale of defense article

    Featured Why Pakistan's Imran Khan said no to American drones

    Logical "No" Any free country does not allows a foreigner country to open base on their land

    "Absolutely Not" , simple Answer to Militarization request by USA

    "Absolutely Not" Simple Answer to Militarization request by USA TV Anchor, of course it is well understood that behind the scene USA has requested for Military basis for Military / Covert Operations (Most of them are illegal and against international Norms). The Answer has been fairly...

    Pakistan ranks sad 145th in Press Freedom Index after Military, MI, ISI, Government curbs on Media Freedom

    All Pakistan Lwyers Convention that a United front of lawyers, journalists, human rights bodies and political activists Topi Drama , last time these Black Coact guys helped bring in the 10 year dark period of Nawaz Sharif and Zardari , if these crooks were permenantly kicked out of Pakistan we...

    How to deal with growing Sindhi Nationalism?

    48 Administrative Zones get rid of Province Tag Each Zone 1-3 cites

    Locust attack used as excuse to cover up Ten Billion Tree Tsunami scam

    Billion Tree Tsunami Project already completed (Successful in KPK) 10 Billion Tree is the next phase and moving swiftly across other provinces , we need to keep moving forward Nawaz Sharif watching , Beti Ka Beta's Polo match in UK Showbaz willing to do nation a favor and go to UK to talk to...

    Unemployement in pakistan - 2 million + apply on 1100 vacancies in FIA

    Pakistan need the Private Sector to emerge , creating "Contractor" job or Handy Person This will only happen when City , asks the home owners to repair the homes and apartment buildings Home Owners must paint their home every 2 years Home Owners should be allowed to pave 10-15 meter road in...

    PIA 98% Reduction in Operational Losses

    Seems like positive news but lets post news articles with source vs Youtube video

    Pakistan ranks sad 145th in Press Freedom Index after Military, MI, ISI, Government curbs on Media Freedom

    :coffee: 8-) Don't see any problem lot of Talk Show political Talk show talking about "Donkey Biryani" to "Khachar Korma" Lot of reporting of Zameen Dar Action on poor farmer in low grade news papers. Many Lifafa writers praising Nawaz Sharif's Makan wali Lassi from his 12 cows. Just recently...

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