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    Lawyers not getting 50% marks can’t vote: SC

    50%? Minimum Bench mark should be 75% to 80% Anything less should be moving to a different profession

    Fears of Pakistan losing job market to India grow after UAE visa ban

    It is just a safety related ban to prevent corona virus to spread ban will be lifted once the emergency is over Does not means sky is falling USA-Canada also have a travel ban

    Fed govt plans changes to 18th amendment after two-third majority: Farogh Naseem

    Should put a clause for this rule to change in future Army needs to Approve

    Practical Solution - The 7100 MW Bunji Dam (cleared by CDWP)

    7,000 MW energy output looks fantastic , Terbella has/had a 5,000 MW capacity so looks like a magnificent additional Project. Judging from the capacity of Electricity looks like tremendously beneficial Project a) Saves up Water b) Lot of Energy Production Terbella Dam Total capacity 13.69...

    2019-2020 An Impactful year for Pakistan Navy

    Ballistic Missile launch from a Corvette would be difficult as the ships are not designed to hold that kind of large missile , Ship to Ship missiles are relatively smaller OPV I think are mostly for close range threats or near shore missions

    2019-2020 An Impactful year for Pakistan Navy

    Any reason why Italian Ship makers have not been engaged for few ships considering we buy Helicopters and Radars from Italy

    Featured $1bn allocated to rebuild Afghanistan, says Alvi

    :laugh: Pakistan offering 1 billion to Afghanistan , while having our own debt of 90 billion

    2019-2020 An Impactful year for Pakistan Navy

    While 2019-2020 has seen news mostly negative sense around the Globe , for Pakistan Navy it has been a Generally a good year. Pakistan Navy continued it's Modernization Drive to Further Boost National Defense by Inducting Few Ships All the Ships will carry Anti Ship Missiles so it would offer...

    US Navy looking to form First Fleet Command in the Indian Ocean

    Not related to PAKISTAN Navy should be moved to the Other section

    Featured Khadim Hussain Rizvi passed away

    I personally do not know the fella don't have much info about his ideas I suggest people stay indoor to prevent spread of Covid-19 May Allah forgive the Sins of the man who passed away I will leave it at that don't know the guy Will read up who this man was if I detect any anti Pakistan...

    Khakan Abassi , Stuck in LNG case as NAB lays charges

    https://jang.com.pk/news/846807 جج اعظم خان نے کہا کہ یہ فردِ جرم ہے جسے نیب کی جانب سے ثابت کیا جانا باقی ہے، عدالت تو شواہد دیکھ کر ہی سزا دے گی، شواہد نہ ہوئے تو بری کرے گی، اب فردِ جرم میں تو ترمیم نہیں کی جا سکتی۔ LNG ریفرنس، شاہد خاقان عباسی، مفتاح اسماعیل و دیگر پر فرد جرم عائد...

    Current Account Surplus Records its Highest Positive Spell in 15 Years

    Captain is settled and looking to score a Ton (100 runs) Steady 33 Runs partnership

    Featured Karachi court dismisses slogans case against Maryam Nawaz, Safdar Awan

    Pakistani Yo Yo Courts When you submit video evidence of crime , they claim , we can't trust video evidence When you submit Vodka Bottle found from Politician Room , court claims it is Orange Ka Juice When you submit a bag full of money and bags full of undocumented Gold found from a...

    India seeks support from China, Russia at WTO to exempt Covid-19 drugs, vaccines from patent protection

    China/Russia should patent their vaccines and earn $$ from sales

    Featured Karachi court dismisses slogans case against Maryam Nawaz, Safdar Awan

    Courts and Judges have been compromised Lawyers are now used to protecting the Rich Criminals It is a massive problem now

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