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    1. boltu
      Then your friends must be pissed on you all the time XD
    2. boltu
      Whats up with your avatar bro,i hate that fat *** cartman :P
    3. Major Shaheb
      Major Shaheb
      No, Im a muslim. Sunnah.
    4. KS
      Dont mind me asking...are you a BD Hindu ?
    5. Lankan Ranger
    6. Zabaniyah
      It ain't easy doing a full-time job + full time MBA at the same time :S
    7. boltu
      I think it'd be better to put this infos in Bangladesh air force thread than making a separate thread as there is no solid confirmation yet.Don't want to be a victim of troll attacks :P
    8. boltu
      Another copy-paste,,,
      1.There is a debate on if BAF will procure another 16 MiG-29SMT/M2 or 8 MiG-29SMT and another 16 Su-30MK2s 2. Mi-35 attack helicopters are also being procured with 6 to begin with for this FY. 3. At least one squadron of Yak-152 primary trainers are being procured for the current FY. Successul flight tests were already conducted by BAF officers in Russia. These will replace the aged PT-6 trainers.6. Radar and medium range air defence systems are also being procured in haste.
    9. boltu
      - Bangabandhu Aeronautical Complex is being constructed with the plan of manufacturing parts for aircraft, fully maintaining all types of aircraft locally, designing and manufacturing light aircraft, radar and communications equipment.
      - The Bangladesh Air Force Academy's ultra modern Bangabandhu Complex constructed is starting too.
      - The Bangladesh Air Force is currently engaged in over 100 indigenous R&D projects for manufacturing aircraft support systems, UAVs, drones, communications equipment, munitions and upgrades to existing aircraft.
      - Forces Goal Vision 2030 will enable the Bangladesh Air Force to be one of the most advance outfits in the region and effectively provide a deterrent against the threats posed by neighbouring countries.
    10. boltu
      Don't know you saw it or not there,,,,These infos were given by the admin earlier this year----
      - Bangladesh Air Force WILL NOT procure the JF-17/FC-1 or J-10.
      - 80% of Bangladesh Air Force combat aircraft will be supplied by the four Russian manufacturers.
      - The Bangladesh Air Force pilots successfully completed the test flight for the primary training aircraft, which will replace the aged PT-6.
      - The Bangladesh Air Force will induct F-7BGI BVR-capable multirole fighter aircraft as a gap filler before inducting the 4+ and 4++ generation combat aircraft.
      - The Bangladesh Air Force will induct C-130E/H transport aircraft soon to enhance its own airlift capabilities and support the land forces.
      - Mi-35 attack helicopters and Mi-171sh support helicopters will be inducted shortly.
      to be continued.......
    11. boltu
      Yes bro there is a thread and it was opened by a member,no confirmation yet on procuring Mi-38.But what admin said is that 6 Mi-35 attack helis gonna join the fleet along with unknown number of Mi-171sh support helis.
    12. Armstrong
      Hey Bro ! Can I ask you to take the time out to watch the movie 'Jinnah'. Its a biographical account of the Founder of Pakistan and the Pakistan Movement. I found it uploaded here on Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e13IGsw0wGw

      I'd be much obliged should you decide to watch it !
    13. boltu
      1 USCG Cutter Dallas is gonna join BN and its free of cost.It'll be modified locally may be with Chinese assistance to make it like a frigate.It already test fired harpoon successfully,though US was supposed give it to Phillipines but BD somehow managed to convince USA
    14. Roybot
      Thanks mate.
    15. scholseys
      thank you vai..akje ban utsa!
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