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    'Japan wants to supply radar and other military hardware to Bangladesh'

    Technically speaking, Japan still hold a lot of core technologies which America has to depend on. So they can manufacture good defense products, i have no doubt. But they are paralyzed by politics which is haunted by the past. And this cannot be changed in next 50 to 100 years, unless something...
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    Brazil top for wind power, UK next; then Vietnam and China

    I think it is clearly an error. Total installed capacity of all kinds in Vietnam is only about 75 GW, of which green energy (solar, wind) is about 20 GW at most.
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    What happens to Laos?

    A lot of poorer, smaller democracies are on brink of default or already are, like El Salvador, Lebanon, many are in Latin America and close friends of the US. And giving a choice, i would rather live as an average person in Laos than in El Salvador, Dominicana, Honduras or Colombia. Since...
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    German trade with China in April unaffected by Covid lockdowns, imports up 52.8% , exports down 1.5%

    Free like India or France or the US or Mexico or Brazil or Columbia or ,,,,,, right. Heard that Muslim women in France would be stripped off at beaches if they do not wear bikini but Islam swimsuit. So much for the land of freedom,
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    Germany's Merck to open semiconductor base in China, China consumes more than half of the world total semiconductors output

    How about the on-going genocide against minorities in Germany now? How many new born children from minorities / less well-off families have been robbed from their parents to be sent to concentration schools (aka, concentration camps) since 1945 until 2022? How many children in Norway, Sweden...
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    New rank from US. Indian air force is stronger than China's?

    Not so long ago, the Republic of Vietnam, aka. South Vietnam, army was ranked fouth strongest army in the world by Western "experts". I would understand that they were capable to beat Japanese, French, British, German armies. But in the real world, they lost to a primitive, poorly trained army...
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    Uzbekistan: China comes bearing gifts, China grants no-strings aid worth nearly $40 million to fund social projects

    Is the railway to connect Xinjiang with Uzbekistan via Kirghistan standard gauge all the way from China to Tashkent or broad Russian gauge will be used in Kirghistan and Uzbekistan and there wiil be gauge break station somewhere in between?
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    14 students, one teacher killed in Texas elementary school shooting

    Chinese friends, why waste your time to quarrel with a barbaric people. They will not listen, just like the Indian. One or rwo posts for one threads is enough. Another India is in the making in our eyes. Unless there is ww3, the US is coming to a certain collapse. I start to feel sorry for...
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    Vietnam Defence Forum

    America and the damn liberal democracies worldwide are falling apart as fast as China is rising. No wonder why someone get mad.
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    US would intervene with military to defend Taiwan

    The only real war the US has fought since WWII was with North Vietnamese / Viet Cong army. War in Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan were just child works. When you have 10 - 100 times more weapons to fight a primitive, poorly trained army, your victory is not worth to mention. And even 500.000 US...
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    US would intervene with military to defend Taiwan

    From our experience with the US army and understanding about war,
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    Finland's applying for NATO will naturally bring new factors to China-Finland ties: Spokesperson

    Oh, when can these European be a little more civilized. You are rich, but behave still like very young child. European countries, including Russia, became rich from robbering and plundering colonies, directly or indirectly, not from democracy. But is it very bizarre that you sincerely believe...
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    Sea Games 2022 Hanoi, Vietnam

    The medal tally does not reflect the true quality and strength of countries in SEA Games. Adding some no-one-know sports into the games can change the medal tally, but ruin the SEA Games quality. This time is no different. I think there is still a gap between Vietnamese sports with Thailand and...
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    US would intervene with military to defend Taiwan

    I trust the quality of every words spoken by liberal democracies leaders. They will intervene, of course, by sending Twister messages. Or they may organize something like "Pray for Taiwan" ceremony. Probably, some self-claimed best-of-world snipers (anything in the US is best of the world...
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    US to fully block Russian debt payments, bringing Russia to the brink of default

    Both my parents were in Moscow in 1980s but i have never been there. Could you post some videos abour poverty in Russia?

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