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    The 'worst ever' mutant from South Africa: UK Banning Travel from some African Countries

    You know what's not fake? People dying in the hospital while you are trying to deal with the rush of people coming in with COVID. Whether this is all a man made conspiracy or a lab leak or from bat soup, I dunno. But unless we all buy in and take steps to curb this, it will only be prolonged...
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    Happy Thanksgiving 2021

    Dude. For one day, lets just chill and eat Turkey.
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    Bangladesh-UK Defence Dialogue soon: High Commissioner Muna Tasneem

    It would be nice for Bangladesh to cooperate closely with UK rather than France. Eurofighter > Rafale for BAF.
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    Iraq willing to pay back $34m owed to Bangladesh after 3 decades

    That's enough to buy 1/4 of a Eurofighter. Nice!
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    US Defence Attache Interacts With PAF F-16 Squadron !

    Things have become too polarized for nuance. (Thanks to Trump's lack of filter) Pakistan is likely seen to be completely in the Chinese camp. No more goodies from the US. The world is slowly drifting towards a setup for armed conflict. All this has a early 20th century feel to it.
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    Bangladesh Air Force

    Second meeting between USAF chief and BAF counterpart this year. Interesting right?
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    Bangladesh not invited in Biden’s Summit for Democracy

    We shouldn't read too much into this. Nepal was invited. Bangladesh wasn't. Who knows what Uncle Joe is thinking?
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    Chill Bangladesh Thread

    https://twitter.com/Based_Bengali WTF is this? @Bilal9
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    Chengdu J-10 Multirole Fighter Air Craft News & Discussions

    Would make sense for China to supply NK to annoy the US.
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    Bangladesh Air Force

    DEFSECA is famous. Congrats! You guys got a rise out of some people! Carry on!
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    Pak/Bangla Relations After Hasina

    Same thing here in the US. A lot of my friends growing up were Pakistani. We marry each other. It's not even a thing anymore. When you understand the big picture, it brings a lot of clarity and perspective. Bangladesh and Pakistan NEED to improve relations. It helps in so many ways for...
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    Pak/Bangla Relations After Hasina

    Guys, its really not that difficult. 1)We are brothers in faith. No matter what the history is, as Muslims from various regions have shed Muslim blood before, now, and in the future. There is nothing unique about Bangladesh/Pakistan. 2)It is possible to get beyond the past, i.e. US/UK...
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    US sees Bangladesh in a new light now Says ambassador Kelly Keiderling during interview with The Daily Star

    "On an invitation of US government, chief of =AZXBGYQdS97TpZbK_mG2bKZ_p22p-tStBUAslt0DZi_d-9og9R80SYlHHrLOl3AvERvRQWIov7XKj47grwP8v8oo_H1ebio3d82SIb7J4Wc8LQbpu7ElmvHKO6MWR7DYNFYoBuuNM2ozHMXiCWaab8gG&__tn__=kK-R']Bangladesh Air Force Air Chief Marshal Sheikh Abdul Hannan has left Dhaka for a nine...
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    Bangladesh Air Force

    It's a good post nonetheless. Hopefully, someone with power reads it and does something about it.
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    Export bids for JF-17 Thunder Multirole Lightweight Fighter Aircraft

    What's interesting is DCS/RAZBAM is planning to field a South Atlantic theater. Which you could potentially plan/fly/fight with JF-17 to Malvinas. If things are accurately modeled, perhaps it may show to some degree how useful or what limitations JF-17 has in regards to Malvinas...

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