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  • Dear friend
    we will get there one day where Euope stands today
    with all the bloody past behind them. Europe stands united.. there is even talk of merging British and French Armies these days (imagine that after waterloo and all those Franco_British conquests)

    best wishes
    take care
    Congrats for the new bike.
    The tyres are not Eurogrip for the Pulsars. They are Zappers by default. Only when there is shortage of Zappers, do Bajaj fit in other brands of tyres.
    Zappers are good, great handling, but they have their cons too. They last much less. They are soft rubber compound tyres which wear out fast and unevenly, and tend to get hard over time. Once they are hard, the grip levels fall a lot.

    So Zappers need to be changed every 18 months or at max 2 years.

    About running-in, I did a hard run-in for my bike, ie, I ripped my bike from the very start. I've run-in a lot of cars and bikes and here is what I recommend.
    - First 40 kms, ride your bike with a lot of gear changes, keep shifting between every gear, and keep rpm under 4500.
    - Once you are done with first 40 kms, start ripping your bike every 3-4 kms. Take the rpm up to 6000 for 20-25 seconds, then back to normal, after another few kms, take it 6500, then to 7000, and so on, up to 8500. You should now have around 60 kms on you odo.
    - This is the time for the first oil change. Yes, change the oil now. Get a quality 20w50 mineral engine oil, and then ride your bike normally. You don't need to run-in anymore. But I would recommend to keep rpm under 8000 for the first 1000 kms after this point, with occasional bursts to 8000 rpm.

    This is the best method, and your engine shouldn't give you any problems with this type of run-in. Also run-in is not very important these days. It hardly makes any difference to a bike's life now. It was important 10 -20 years back, but now engine parts are manufactured with utmost precision, and there is little need for a run-in.
    Pls condemn the killing of the two sisters in sopore by LET in your signature as posting articles is not allowed. They don't have the balls, but we are from Gandhi's land and we do.
    Regarding Enfields, buy them second handed. The new engines don't have the sound and vibration that people loved. The standard bullet is believed to be the best.
    Yamahas are a little better than Pulsar, but Pulsars are more fun to ride. They are more eager to rev, and easier to turn.
    Go for black or red, not blue. Blue looks bad. I have a red Pulsar 200, and I think it looks fantastic. So red would be nice.
    A Pulsar 180 is fine. Its not a bad bike, a good first bike actually. A 500 Classic is a huge bike, needs lot of maintenance, handles poorly, its basically for the enthusiast, who can treat the bike with love and maintain her properly.

    For a Pulsar, I think Black and Red both look good. The bikes should easily last you 50,000 kms in good condition and up to 1,00,000 kms if you maintain properly.

    But I think you must convince your dad to go for the 220, the price difference is small, but performance is leaps ahead.
    Pls aap jaakar veena ji ko thoda comfort karo yaar

    ur post led to imran khan posting some very disappointing words...

    so i had to delete it
    after i get enough money to survive! we can get along as human beings, but in politics, you know, no one is human, we're all animals.
    Hey, i am of Indian origin, i was born in the UK but my parents were both born in India and have lived here for 50 years+ hope this helps.
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