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  • Really? That awesome bro cheers. I was born in Nepal however my family moved to India during the 70's
    Apparently they're planning to cancel "Outsourced" because despite initially being a great success in viewers (it was the second highest rated comedy on NBC) they moved it to a different time-slot and so the ratings tumbled.

    Hope you enjoy the show and please sign the petition through the link on the thread!

    + spread the message!

    Thanks mate.
    Hey man, sorry for the late reply. Been really busy lately (Had to make a short film for my project). I wouldn't recommend watching Hangover 2, Hangover one was crap; the second one is bound to be crap. I watched a few good films lately.

    - Of Gods and Men
    - I Saw The Devil
    - The Way Back

    Would highly recommend these. And I'll be sure to check out 'Grave of the Fireflies'. Thanks!

    Talk later dude.
    Yeah bro. I don't have MSN but I've got Skype if you wanna add me: gahan492

    Sorry, I forgot to mention 5cm p/sec was a romantic anime. Wasn't my favourite anime either. I've been off this forum too lately. Up to my neck in college work :(

    I'm glad you enjoyed Halo Legends. I like the first three and the last one (for artwork). Halo is such a great story! The OST really makes it better. I really wish they'd make a movie about it. I haven't seen any "great" films lately. Like I said; so much work! I watched 'Brotherhood of War' and one that my friend recommended called 'Coffee and Cigarettes'. It's a compilation of short films all in black and white (still modern). It's got some big names in it like Tom Waits and Bill Murray. Watch it while drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes if you get a chance. :D It's the kind of film that you watch on a rainy evening.
    Hey, no problem man. I'll be sure to watch that French film. I've heard that song too, it's very catchy.

    Do you still play games?
    Catch Me if you Can
    Halo Legends (If you've ever played Halo)
    Gran Torino
    Hard Candy (Very artsy, the girl from Inception and Juno)
    Inception (of course :D)
    City of God (A bit gruesome but thought provoking nonetheless)
    Inglorious Basterds (So different!)
    My Neighbour Totoro (Japanese Anime)
    Spirited Away (Japanese Anime)
    Summer Wars (Japanese Anime, my friend liked it a lot)
    Once (Irish independent type film, the guy won an oscar, shot with 1 HDV camera)
    Public Enemies (So good!)
    Seven Pounds
    Pursuit of Happyness
    The Departed
    The Full Monty
    Trainspotting (Dark and British)

    I'll stop now but I'm sure I can think of many more. As you can tell, I watch a lot of films. :D They are my passion! You've probably already seen some of these but still...

    Enjoy! These should keep you busy for a few days. Lol!
    Well, off the top of my head:

    5 Centimeters per second (Japanese Anime)
    Akira (Japanese Anime)
    Ghost In the Shell (Japanese Anime)
    Final Fantasy (Japanese Anime)
    Battle Royale (Japanese)
    I Saw the Devil (Korean)
    Brotherhood of War (Korean) - very similar to Saving Private Ryan
    Saving Private Ryan :D
    Full Metal Jacket (Jarhead and FMJ are exactly the same, set in different times, Vietnam/Iraq)
    Schindler's List (You've probably already seen it)
    Boy A (British Independent type film, very artsy)

    Yeah, I love that film man. It's in my top 50. Have you seen the other two in the trilogy BTW? They're crap...
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