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    Covid-19 vaccine registration opens for citizens above 30 years of age

    Same here in the UK, I haven't received my text message asking me to book my vaccine appointment.
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    Dhanurvedam - A documentary on ancient Indian warfare

    Technically speaking, the capital of Punjab, Lahore is currently under Muslim rule. :azn:
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    Now ISI Linked To Indian Army Recruitment Scam !

    BAREILLY: A joint team of Military Intelligence (MI) and UP Police on Wednesday unearthed a racket —involving an ex-serviceman, two policemen and five others — which allegedly helped several youths land jobs in the army on fake documents in the last two years. The investigators suspect that...
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    £10,000 arranged by PTI govt for protest against Nawaz in London

    I highly doubt it but if it's true then rest assure 10k is nothing in England, wouldn't get more than an handful to protest with that incentive.
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    Approximately 16,000 mosques in Xinjiang (65% of the total) have been destroyed or damaged as a result of government policies

    I'm sorry but the number itself is suspicious. I'm pretty sure we don't have 16,000 mosques in a single province of Pakistan.
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    Some of these admins need to tone it down a little

    I wasn't just talking about this particular thread but okay.
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    Some of these admins need to tone it down a little

    Salam everyone, Just posted an article where Indian newspaper is making accusations that Pakistan and China are involved in bio-warfare and could be responsible for COVID. I shared it as banter and the mod has closed off the thread. Seriously guys, you need to tone down a little. I have been on...
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    Biowarfare: China & Pakistan Secretly Joined Hands For Testing Deadly Pathogens

    New Delhi/Beijing: Under the garb of China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology and Pakistan Army’s Defence Science and Technology Organisation are allegedly conducting experiments on deadly pathogens to expand potential bio-warfare capabilities. An...
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    Pakistani current account deficit reduced from $20bn to $3bn

    Some people are delusional and can't look beyond their own sphere :hitwall:
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    Pakistan Navy Keeps Silent On Mystery Submarine But New Details Emerge - Forbes Magazine

    The Pakistani Navy has not yet officially acknowledged the submarine sitting on the quay outside its special forces headquarters. The submarine was first revealed on Forbes in April. Since then further satellite images have emerged. These provide additional clues about the unidentified boat...
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    Here comes another joke from Bollywood on so called 2016 Surgical Strikes

    As long as they are losing large chunks of their land here and there....they can make 100 movies, I don't care
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    PM Modi vists Ladakh Frontline Troops

    Look closely guys, this isn't a hospital ward. It's a conference hall, notice the projector. It's a stunt by Indian army to save Modi's dignity
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    10 captives, Over 20 soldiers, including Commanding Officer killed at Galwan border clash with China

    Scroll up and find my post about Congress politician
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    10 captives, Over 20 soldiers, including Commanding Officer killed at Galwan border clash with China

    Have you heard the leaked phone call of Congress politician??

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